April 16, 2014

Headshots! Headshots! Headshots! It's a FIESTA For Facebook and Websites and YOU April 28th

In my studio, I create professional portraits just about every day.  Sometimes for Actors, Realtors, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers and Love Seekers (Dating Headshots!)

And a few times a year I have a Headshot Fiesta!  Save $75.00!

We have a lot of fun including some networking, we create your image, with Mary Laura Ballesteros  wielding her paint (makeup) brushes to bring out your best features like those gorgeous baby blue eyes or apply some eyelashes if you need them. Erin Klepetar can tease your tresses and blow them out or cut and style right next door at the Claudio Marino Hair Design!

The fee is $150 for Makeup, and a fully retouched digital file in multiple sizes that you can use for print and web.  Call for your appointment because space is limited!

So, if it's time to update that look on the web, Facebook, Match.com, Jdate or your business cards and promotional materials, call the studio 818.888.2280 or email me (kathy@flashfrozenphotography.com) and get your game face on!

Your choice of in the studio or outside in the beautiful French Quarter   Call and reserve your spot.  MONDAY April 28th from 9 AM to 6 PM!

March 26, 2014


Sometimes my dogs come and spend the day in the studio.  My husband works next door and depending on our schedules, we can move the dogs to the other's offices next door.  Usually it's just one dog at a time. They are helpful to me when I do lighting since I have to change lights around for each client.

So here is my light test from yesterday. He's always fun to have around.  If you pass the window of the studio and something is moving...it's usually him.  He's a rescue Jack Russell mix and loves company.

March 21, 2014

Gifts. For Mom, for Dad, for FAMILIES and Frames

Photography for me is all about capturing things and times you want to remember.
I have many new products coming in this spring.  I love to show printed images and to help you do that, for new family sessions or boudoir sessions or pet portraits, I will gift you a frame from a new line I am stocking in the studio for gifts. (In stock selection only)
Some good reasons for a sitting are:

An event like a birthday party or family gathering
A moment in time:  A special Age from One to A hundred and One
A celebration: A Wedding, an Engagement, a New Life
A milestone: An Anniversary
A Relationship: Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, Grandparents
A headshot to promote you or your business or for your website.
Maybe you've been working out and you have a new body to celebrate.

April is Easter and Passover - and we have our Families together.  A good reason to get together but also capture the moment in time.

I can think of a thousand reasons to take a photograph.  Call me to brainstorm and I will help you think of one that is just right for you!

A New life.  They Don't stay small for long.  4 Days old!

To get your Sexy on: Lose Weight? Fall in Love? Want to Celebrate a New Look?  Or just realize how beautiful you are? Almost every woman I have captured for a Boudoir look has come in "for him" and realized that they were the one who got the gift.

Some of the images and sessions I have been working on:
Dating, Websites, Graduation, Seniors - both 65 and older and High School

I have been learning to "paint" my images.  Since dogs give me a lot to work with I have been using my pet photographs to learn this new technique
Painted Puppies Series     

March 09, 2014


I love when synergy just happens.

Audrey had a photography session with another photographer who didn't quite capture the personality she wanted expressed for her website and needed her headshot done in a hurry to meet her with her web designer for the finishing touches.

I was able to get her in my studio right away and plan what she wanted to convey on her website.  We really had a lot of fun with her outdoor headshot.  She is a Real Estate Appraiser and with my former career in Real Estate Lending and Banking, we had a lot we could chat about although I haven't managed a bank in 23 years!

When we plan a session, I find out what message you are trying to get across and bring your personality and favorite features into a portrait;  This is Audrey - just as she sees herself for her professional presence.

You can check out her website here: http://www.affinitysvc.com/.  Save it because you never know when you might need a good appraiser. She's totally fabulous!

February 24, 2014

Tasty....Magic...Coffee ...

Sometimes you meet people in this world who think like you do.  Those of you who are my readers know that giving is important to me.  And along comes Jackie Mendelson who has spent her life giving to others working in the non profit world.  And what does Jackie do? She decides to start a coffee company. She found that in many coffee growing regions of the world made a huge difference in their communities by growing and selling beans.  She is able to fund some needs that sustain whole communities where the coffee is grown to further support these under served places in this world. We can make a difference just by doing what we do anyway - drink coffee. It is amazing what you can with with a little ingenuity! 

Jackie asked me to help her photograph her coffee for her website and gave me a general idea of what she wanted.  We did the gift certificates, baskets, coffee and more. One the hardest products to photograph are things that are dark and reflective; I had to use some skills I honed photographing eyeglasses for another client for a period of time. When light hits the dark bags, it leaves big light spots on the bags. Lighting is keep to making the bags pop for the website.  She was very happy that the coffee bags just looked exactly as she'd hoped.

Not only did Jackie and I pair to style the products, but we had a lot of fun.  So if you want to help her fund the projects that give back to these regions of the world - please go to Whole Foods or to her website and look for her Arabica Dabra Coffee.  She has gift certificates and baskets too.  My studio has had the delicious scent of fresh coffee beans for weeks after our shoot.  I can still smell it every time I brew some of the wonderful Arabica Dabra Coffee. You can see some of the rest on the banner here: http://www.tastymagic.com/

January 06, 2014

All Dressed Up

Happy New Year.

We have a brand new shiny year and I feel so optimistic about those blank days upcoming to make a difference in the world.

But first I have to start with me.  I don't believe in making resolutions but I do believe in looking at what I have  planned and to grow as a person, give to others of myself - my skills, my knowledge and my heart.  I volunteer time for a few charities and to make a difference to others. I also like to stretch as a person and get out of my own comfort zone.

I am a member of the Rotary Club of Woodland Hills; I am on the board so I can fairly say I am involved.  I pick a few projects that touch my heart like working with kids or the annual Art Show or shopping for school supplies to fill backpacks for kids going back to school.

This month I will be at the Ovarian Cancer Circle inspired by Robin Babbini's fund raising luncheon at Ruths Chris Steakhouse.  I am honored that I will be photographing the day.

I am also on the committee for the Woodland Hills Relay for Life and I hope to make a difference wiping out Cancer and having fun with my Woodland Hills Rotary Club team.  This year the Race for the Cure for Susan G. Komen for the Cure conflicts with attending the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International Annual Expo and I am sorry I will miss the Race.

Those are all things I do to fill my own heart.  But I also have to find time for fun. And some romance. A big thing for me, is that I also had a spectacular Black Tie time for New Year's Eve. Our usual New Year's Eve activity is to stay home and make a special night either alone or with friends.But we were invited out and we went for the first time in 17 new years eves.  My husband Frank and I ate, drank and danced up a storm.

 And I bought a little black dress that I absolutely feel fabulous in. I pampered myself just as my clients are pampered when we do a session, with having my hair and makeup done.   So soon I am making a date with one of my photographer girlfriends.  Because as I encourage my clients to come to my studio and get all dressed up and play while making a memory and a treasured image, I am going to visit a studio and have some photographs and a little black book made for my husband Frank to admire.  And yes, I will be dressed enough to share it here. Being on the flip side of the camera is outside my comfort zone.

So that's what is on tap for me...I love helping my clients feel good when they put on a little something flirty too.  So if you are feeling frisky in fashionable.  Call me.  Valentine's Day will be here before you know it.  I will show you mine if you show me yours.

December 21, 2013

Two More Christmas Deliveries and into the New Year - Portraits, Travel, Headshots and Gifts!.:

Wow...where does the time go?  I am sitting here a few days before Christmas and people are definitely in celebration mode. 

It's really fun for me to know that many of my portraits this year are gifts and will be special to people for generations!  I created one of a kind Holiday Greeting Cards that are going on fireplace mantels and being saved as mementos of holidays past.  Some of the portraits are of dogs, babies, couples, and individuals. There is a story to every one of the sessions.

I can't show them yet since they might be under a tree or not yet delivered by the post office.

Some of my travel photography is being given as gifts too - travels from Italy and France.  I am putting a wall collection together now for someone with a specific few images for their home.

As the New Year starts, I have some Boudoir sessions for those little black books for Valentine's Day.   One of my clients is having a portrait painted by a well known artist and we are doing a life style session of her at the beach for him to create a "derivative" work.  That is a very exciting project for me.  And lots of headshots for website and advertising collateral.  Some for Dating for Match.com and Jdate and Plenty of Fish. 

On July 26th,  I am escorting a cruise to Alaska where we will do some daily Photowalks and Excursions so you can take Better Photos with Your Camera.  Everyday I will talk about the ports and possibilites and go with you and your camera to take home memories of your cruise.  We will be on the Coral Princess.  If you are interested in having a good time with your camera and learning how to have photos worth hanging on the wall - call the studio and I will connect you.  I promise lots of surprises since I know the ports well.

In the meantime, my little Ziggy, Studio Greeter and Assistant, wishes you a Festive Holiday and Fruitful New Year!

September 27, 2013

Headshots! Last time this Year. - Half Price with Makeup too!

Time for our Headshot Special Day!  October 14th;  Appointments for from 10 to 6 with Makeup and fluffing;  This only happens a few times a year and we have so much fun.  Hair Fluffing, Makeup, a little bit of play time in front of the Lens and afterward my fairy dust is sprinkled on your image for the world to see how professional you look on your brochures, fliers, websites, and social media.  I promise you won't ever want to use that cell phone "selfie" ever again when you can look like the CEO you really are!

Call for your appointment or if you need more information!

September 21, 2013

Women's Professional Forum and the Ovarian Cancer Circle

Today I had breakfast at the Women's Professional Forum. I love that group of like minded entrepreneurs.

We had a healthcare panel discussion for our topic. One of the speakers was Paulinda Babbini, who is the Director/Founder of the Ovarian Cancer Circle honoring Robin Babbini, her daughter, who passed away so very young  - just past her teens - of Ovarian Cancer.

Paulinda works tirelessly to raise funds to educate women so they know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer so that can be treated early since Ovarian Cancer is very difficult to detect before it's too late.  So while many women are following the Pink Ribbons in October, Paulinda is passing around beautiful turquoise bracelets, scarves and some beautiful iridescent necklaces to raise money for the cause.

As a photographer, I agreed to photograph one of her upcoming fundraisers again because it's one of the ways I can contribute. But what strikes me is that Robin's face is also on all the materials.  It's a lovely photograph of a young girl and it's on all the posters and literature.  I cannot imagine what Paulinda went through; sometimes that is all that is left is the memory and the photograph of those we have loved and lost. I saw Paulinda shed a tear today while looking at the photograph and the emotion went right to my heart.

So I want to remind you all:  Please don't forget to take pictures of those you love.  A teen is to young to leave us. In the plan of living we don't expect that.  But we can still be touched by her beauty every day through her memories.  I never had an opportunity to meet her.  But I feel her presence and spirit in her photograph.  Paulinda is keeping her memory alive so it it will remind one more woman to go see her Gynecologist and have a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound, get your CA-125 Blood test.

So for October, I thought I would put my money on the Ovarian Cancer Circle.  If you book portrait session with me I will donate 20% of my session fee to the Ovarian Cancer Circle. Please read about the symptoms and donate here. http://theovariancancercircle.org/

September 09, 2013

So many things to do...News - Winner of the Los Angeles Daily News Readers Choice Awards and A NEW WEBSITE ON THE WAY TOO

As a sole proprietor I wear many hats. My number one job is to make happy clients and have fun with them - creating photographs they will want to display in their homes and hearts FOREVER.

To do that I need to be creative in many areas. Coming from a background of accounting and banking, and with a husband who is a Certified Public Accountant, my business is run with all my i's dotted and T's crossed. I pay taxes and collect sales tax, and have business licenses too. If a location permit is needed or permission from a property owner, I take care of it.. I know too many photographers who fly under the radar and don't get them. But in the middle of a session, they can get ticketed, fined and sent away resulting in the photographs you planned for might not happen.

 I had someone call me this week to photograph their 4 year old's birthday party in a few weeks and they were panicked a bit. They couldn't find a photographer who could provide them with the right kind of insurance their venue wanted, which I carry so my clients have peace of mind.

I am watchful that my software is registered, my cameras work (more than one!) and I have alternate ways of working if something does go wrong. I have a group of talented photographers who would step in quickly if I booked an event and had a personal emergency ( and it would be a pretty big emergency!).

When I create headshots or portraits, I book the makeup artist and hair stylist; I can adjust times so your day flows perfectly and take the stress off my clients. I have wardrobe clothes or accessories like shoes for you to make the details just right if something is off. 

But the details of my business are just as important as anything else. I keep my books up. I do tend to neglect my blog. I post often on Facebook and LinkedIn.

My website platform has served me well but the provider has changed their back end and I am FURIOUSLY changing my website to be FUNCTIONAL and Fit with their new requirements.  I expect to have it FABULOUS in the next few days.

One detail is this: I was voted the BEST Photographer in the Los Angeles Daily News Reader's Choice Awards. I was a Favorite in that category for the last two years. But this year, I won overwhelmingly and there are no Favorites.  Just me.  For all the the readers of the LA Daily News and City of Los Angeles.  I am farklempt!  So if you got this far, and you book an appointment in September and you tell me you read this...I will give you a $75 credit for prints.  Because I want to celebrate my success with you. Much of which is because I pay attention to all the little details of life.

July 02, 2013

Pets are family too. Don't they deserve a place to call their own too?

Our pets are only with us for a part of our lives. Everyday they do things to warm our hearts from greeting us joyfully when we come home - even if we only went to the market for a few minutes. Don't forget that they deserve to be remembered at the different stages of their lives from puppyhood to old age. They are part of our life story. A pet photograph, album or book helps tell it and will give you joy for many years.

June 06, 2013

How to create better photographs with YOUR Camera

I have loved creating photographs since my mom handed me her Kodak Brownie Camera. I loved the thrill of going to the Rexall Drug Store and getting a new roll of film and then returning it to get prints. We'd move to the side of the counter and one by one make two piles - one to throw away and one to cherish. I still love the same process. My professional career in photography started with those very same piles and the more I have photographed the smaller the piles to throw away are. Not only do I create family portraits, pet portraits, studio portraits, but I also have a huge collection of travel photography. Some of that photography has been displayed and sold via Art Gallery. So when Maya at Ruths Chris Steakhouse offered me a place to talk photographs, I thought I'd spend some time taking you on a journey from the South Pacific, to the Baltic Countries to some of my favorite spots in Europe and show you how to create photographs worth keeping.

April 25, 2013

Headshot Special

Limited Space Available! Polish your look in print and social media. Half Price - One Day only

February 26, 2013

Photos for a Cause - Ovarian Cancer Circle and Ruths Chris Steakhouse Woodland Hills .

The Ovarian Cancer Circle inspired by Robin Babbini was founded as a tribute to her daughter by Paulinda Schimmel Babbini.  Her daughter, Robin, had Ovarian Cancer and by the time it was diagnosed, it was too late for successful treatment.  Even the physician's misdiagnosed her based on her symptoms .

To honor her daughter and keep others from having the same experience, Paulinda's mission is to educate people on the symptoms so they can get early treatment and to fund finding a cure. To find out more visit www.theovariancancercircle.org

134 Women (and a few brave men) attended a lovely luncheon to benefit The Ovarian Cancer Circle inspired by Robin Babbini at Ruths Chris Steakhouse in Woodland Hills on February 21st. A silent auction and a raffle drawing contributed to the fun.  Over $8,000 and awareness of symptoms of Ovarian Cancer were raised at the event

Here are some of the photographs from the event and the rest can be found here:


Paulinda Schimmel Babbini with the Ruth's Chris Sales and Catering Manager,  Maya Camara, Manager, Frank Daftari, Laurie Anne Hanke and Jeremy Kvalheim

Dalia Hayon, Stacy Baker, Doreen Braverman, Paulinda Schimmel Babbini,
Susie Jacobson, Allison Weisman, Joanna Goodwin, Ken Goodman

Paulinda Schimmel Babbini and Maya Camara, Sales and Catering Manager of Ruths Chris Steakhouse

Joyce Pearson, Candidate for City Council 3rd District,  Dalia Hayon and Paulina Schimmel Babbini

The restaurant all decked our in Aqua Blue for The Ovarian Cancer Circle Inspired by Robin Babbini

Some of the raffle prizes

Silent Auction which included original photographs of Audrey Hepburn, Wizard of Oz memorabilia and too many lovely pieces of handmade jewelery.

Dalia Hayon and Susie Jacobson, founders of Women's Business Forum 

December 09, 2012

Yesterday I took little Ziggy, Jack Russell  Rescue Terror Mix, to the studio to create a fun, silly photograph with the only intention to use for his Facebook following and ended up creating a cover page with the the image. 

In the process, one of my favorite clients asked me to make some Facebook images for her own photo album.  So clients who have booked me through January will get a bonus Facebook cover photo from my favorites from their family session.

Wishing everyone a Fabulous Holiday Season.  Call the Studio if you want to book a session with your family - Canine or Human - for your Facebook page. 818 888.2280

October 10, 2012

Photographs. We only have this moment

On September 19th I brought my camera with me to The Woodland Hills Tarzana Chamber of Commerce Wine Festival.  I always enjoy events and bringing my camera to capture friends in the moments of having fun.  Besides, Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, where I am also a member had a booth and many members would be there.

Not much significance really.  I processed the photos and put them on Facebook for friends to have some nice images from a fun day. 

Fast forward a week and one of our dear Rotarians, Mel had a debilitating stroke. He's now out of immediate danger and we are hoping he will gain back his speech and his paralysis will be gone.

So to me, this is special because it was just a few days prior to his stroke.  He was having a wonderful time and most important, dispensing his usual big hug and smile.  Always a kind word from his heart.

So my message is to take photographs often. Don't hide from the camera.  You never know how special that image might be to someone or their loved ones.

August 26, 2012

Holiday Portrait Sessions and Time for Holdiay Greeting Cards!

I can't believe today is 4 Months until Christmas Day and Chanukah is even earlier! Last year I even did a session on December 23rd and we ended up with New Year Cards!

So I decided that we better get rolling and get those cards started BEFORE the holidays.

My Holiday Card Family Special :  A Session just for the holiday card for just you, you and the kids, you and the dog...well - YOU get the idea.  I will do the session in the studio or in a local location to Woodland Hills or west to Thousand Oaks,  $100 print credit to get a fine art print of the image we use to create your custom folded holiday card on Fine Art Paper, The Design of the card with CUSTOM Text on the front and inside too - no cheesy fake made up stuff - and an order appointment in the studio. Order with designs on the front or plain if you prefer.  It's Your Card!

The catch is you must book and pay for the session in advance and you must schedule your session by September 30th. California Sales Tax will be added to your order at the final order appointment.  Once your deposit is received, I will call you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment  Just click the Buy Now Button to pay via Google Checkout;  Or call the studio for other payment options!


August 09, 2012

Fabulous, Fun, Feminine...and Family

Sometimes the phone rings and you have the opportunity to be able to do something that is an incredible gift.  I've done a number of sessions as gifts over the years.  And sometimes the gift ends up being mine too.

I had the opportunity to photograph three sisters today and the adorable Georgie too.  It was a last minute idea because one of the sisters is leaving tomorrow and it will be while before they are together again.

 When you photograph you really do get to connect with people and get a sense of their being.  Genuine, warm and intelligent young women with a joy in their hearts.  I hope I will meet Mom next week or so when we do the big reveal. She has so much to be proud of.  I want to tell her what a lovely job she has done with her daughters.

Jaclyn, I wanted you to leave with a little sneak preview and let you know that I appreciate the honor you gave me to make a very special memory for you and your three sisters - canine and human.  Safe Travels.

July 16, 2012

Katie and Ty - Tropical Paradise Wedding in Camarillo

Katie and Ty got married on Saturday night at the beautiful Tropical Paradise in the Santa Rosa Valley.  My friend and photographer, Kim Shokouhi of Kim Shokouhi Photography http://ks-photography.com in Arvada, Colorado brought me in as Associate Photographer and I had so much fun capturing the details of their day.  Katie thought out every little thing, from love notes on tissues for the moms at their seats, to friendship bracelets for the groomsmen and lottery tickets - some of them winning! - for the guests.  Every single thing was just perfect.  The food was delicious and venue a perfect location for a lovely wedding. These are just a few quick photographs from the day to tide you over until Kim is safely back at her computer in Colorado.  Thank you Kim, for having me share such a fantastic day with you and your family.  Congratulations, Katie and Ty.  I wish you many happy days ahead.

(Note photographs in the blog post here are low resolution and will not print  or render sharply - please respect the photographer's copyright and do not copy without permission)

July 08, 2012

Baby Olivia

I had the pleasure of shooting little Miss Olivia in the studio yesterday.  She is such a fun happy baby.  Cindy, her Mom, brought about a zillion outfits one cuter than the next. Just a quick preview of the fun we had at Flash Frozen Photography yesterday.

June 23, 2012

April 29, 2012

Touching moments

Yesterday I photographed the Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society at Pierce College in Woodland Hills; If you have not been to a Relay for Life event, there are teams in constant motion walking the track and raising money;  Some teams also sell items to donate proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

One of the most heartfelt moments was called the Lumenaria Tribute. Paper bags were signed and decorated all day as a fund raising activity and there was a ceremonial walk around the track by all the attendees.  The bags are all lit up and it's a beautiful moment;  Some survivors and their loved ones spoke for a minute each in tribute and in the middle of that was a beautiful slide show to music with portraits of those no longer with us.  Those portraits touched my heart so much and brought tears to my eyes. Some of the images were of people so full of life and expression. It made me think about how important portraits of people really are;

How will we be remembered without a portrait which tells the story of us?

April 26, 2012

Studio? Lifestyle? Which is right for me?

Today I was helping a client plan a session for a children's portrait session. Originally, she thought she wanted a session in the studio and that is what she booked me to do with the children.

Having a studio gives me some great options for my clients.

For Executive Headshots - I get clients in and out quickly with many choices of looks with White High Key or a spectrum of color to match your branding, a comfortable place to change as well as hair and makeup available right in The French Quarter where the studio is located.  

For Boudoir photography, I don't have to use a hotel room, we have lots of privacy and an assortment of styles.  I have a variety of bedding, sofas, chairs and more to style you sexy.

For Maternity, I can be very creative.  I actually just did a session where the baby is replacing the dog as child and we included the dog. When the baby arrives, we are going to pose the baby in the same scene for a double frame.

For Newborns - it's designed with a comfortable place to take a break for diaper changes and nursing. I have special equipment to pose the baby and get the cute photographs which gives me good angles.  I have creative fabrics to use and I can change out in a heartbeat. Everything I use is clean and sanitary and the lighting I use safe for babies eyes too.

For Toddlers, it's a safe place to have their full attention.  I have toys to capture their interest and we can play some fun games. I love the Princess look and have a few costumes, chairs, tutus, wings....

For Families, I can create images that show how much the families bond.  I love the session I did at Christmastime where the entire family had pajamas that matched with their names on them.

All that said, I can't bring the beach into the studio,  the park is a great place to get kids and dogs playing, and I have a list of 100 locations one of which is your home.  I can travel to your home, your office, a park or 100's of places that will give you exactly the right place to tell the story we want to tell with your photographs. When we plan your session, we have many choices - first of which is Studio or Lifestyle.  My years of photography experience will give you photographs to treasure created in just the right place.

April 20, 2012

Show me some love, give me self esteem, bring me back to my childhood.

Do you want to give your child the message they are loved? That they are beautiful? Do you want to give them good self esteem?  A wall portrait of them will do that every time they walk by it.  Imagine seeing a photo on the wall of yourself every day. You are saying they are to be cherished. They will always keep those photos from your hallway in their heart and mind. When they see those photos as adults it will bring back the scent of your home, the love they felt.  You can give a subliminal hug every single day for the rest of their lives.  Every time they think of home and growing up those photographs will speak to them. They'll hear your laughter, see your smile.  The mind is powerful like that.  I'd love to help you create that message.  Mother's Day and Father's Day are almost here. You can give a gift that will repeat it's gift every day.

March 24, 2012

Excited for the for The Race.

I can't sleep.  I am so excited because in a few hours 10,000 people will be gathering at Dodger Stadium for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Los Angeles.  I spent most of my day there today helping set up for the day. I am co-chair of the Survivor Festivities, but, really that's just the title my friend, Sharon Schlesinger gave to me.  She did all the heavy lifting with the rest of the committee.  In the last year I had the pleasure of getting to know many of the women who volunteer for so many reasons.

My camera bag is packed and ready to start photographing the event;  It will be fun to watch the runners, walkers, the kid's run but for me, the Survivor's Parade is most special.  We're there to honor those brave women who have experienced so much.  The women I have met have such strong spirit.  And this is a day to celebrate them.

My  book was published yesterday called Journey for the Cure.  20 of those women who are so strong and have hope and encouragement to offer.  And David Meister dressed them, Sharon Schlesinger Styled Them, Karen Snyder and Laura Ballesteros powdered their noses and Erin Kleptar of Claudio Moreno styled their hair before I photographed them and made them a Queen of a Day, which is what Sharon Schlesinger decided was their title.

All the proceeds are going to honor the women who haven't yet been diagnosed, those who have who are in treatment, and those who just fought the fight and lost the battle.  Maybe one day there will be no battle;

Yes you can buy this book! For every book that you sell 100% of the net proceeds goes to Susan G. Komen Los Angeles Affilliate.  For Mammograms, and education and all the positive things they do to keep spirits up and much more than my tired brain can type. Only 4 books buys a mammogram!   The link is below.  I think it would be the best Mother's Day gift because you will know that you gave two gifts for the price of one.

You can see the pages here:http://www.flashfrozenphotography.com/Portraits/Feminine-and-Fabulous/Work-in-Process/22017806_ZBgrgP#!i=1761183465&k=6BGs2FF

Photography Copyright - Kathy Rappaport - Flash Frozen Photography Inc. 
100% of net proceeds will be donated to Susan G Komen for the Cure - Los Angeles Affilliate.
Books will ship end of February 2012
Photography by Kathy Rappaport, Makeup by Karen Snyder of Cosmetically Organized, Hair by Erin at Claudio Marino Salon and Coordinating/Styling by Sharon Schlesinger With many thanks to David Meister for the beautiful fashions


March 14, 2012


Olivia   <--------------Click to see her!

When I photograph I will often play with some fun fabulous ways to share my photographs.  I hope you enjoy Olivia and her big sister, Shelby!  

March 10, 2012

Innocent Eyes

As they say, every picture tells a story.  There is so much we don't see but we know the feelings that a photograph conveys.  Thank you Adrian.

Dear Kathy
I want to thank you for the lovely picture you took of me. You captured a look that made me remember  a picture I took when I was quite young. My first professional picture was one I never liked , very serious and introspective. The second one I loved. I looked at it and felt pretty and there was an innocence  that  showed through. Life takes care of the innocence. But you brought out that same softness that I like to feel about myself. Thanks again  Adrian

February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day

First off, this week is Valentine's Day Week; I suggest you snuggle up with someone to love and be still and listen to your heart. The first person to love is ourselves. Without having a good sense of self it's hard to love another person. We have to be genuine and look inside ourselves to be strong to have a sense of who we are and why we are loveable. You know those flaws (an F Word!) we see magnified? Nope - they're not there. No your butt does not look big in that dress. Let me show you. Let's do a session and show off your assets. Regular people wanted. I promise to make them beautiful

January 22, 2012

Dreamy new look for your photo session, new cards and more

I am just back from almost a week in New Orleans.  It's one of my favorite places to go and visit in the United States..  So much visual stimulation, culture, architecture, good food and for this visit, a bunch of photographer's to inspire, educate, motivate and encourage. I did the makeup for one of the model sessions which was a lot of fun.  I also went to the Imaging USA Trade show and found a few things  One is a new line of greeting cards that are just beautiful.  Exceptional, unique designs, good service for my clients and vellum paper too.  Great for newborns, holidays and graduation announcements.

I also bought a toy for me to create some artsy images for kids, pets and boudoir that gives a fun and flirty look to the images.   I will include a gift print valued at $75 from your session when we use this creamy lens in January. Maybe for your Valentine's Day Session or a great Father's Day Gift. I have a few spots open with delivery of your little black book in time to make you happy. I am including Makeup, Hair Styling and a Leather Folio with 4 images for $400.00 for Valentine's Day. A Savings - over $100 off. I touch up all my images so you always look your best when you've been Flash Frozen Call me at 818.888.2280 to book. Session must be booked by January 31st to take advantage of this special price. As I value my client's privacy, your images are never published without your permission. Thanks, Crissy for loving your photographs and the privilege of letting me show you off to the world!

October 25, 2011

A Day in the Life

Well, Really - thank you to Bonnie Keith of Video Magic.

And Vanessa Bell Calloway, And Sharon Schlesinger. And Amy Kerbecks,  and Coleen Kirnan, and Maria Glaze and Karen Snyder of Cosmetically Organized and Erin Kleptar of Claudio Marino Salon.   And especially to Susan G. Komen for the Cure Los Angeles Affiliate.  So far we've raised almost $4,000 for the Cure.  $125 buys a Mammogram for someone who can't afford one.

She waved her lenses in my session with the Photography for the Cure Project Photography for the Cure-Benefitting Susan G. Komen For the Cure-Los Angeles Affiliate Flash Frozen Phtography is Focusing for the Cure Making of a Diary for the Journey Video Produced by Bonnie Keith-VideoMagic Productions

October 06, 2011

Flattering is an F Word.

This week I did two sessions for headshots where the client had gone to someone else for photographs and was unhappy with the result so it made me think about why these clients came to me for new images. It's not the first time that I've been asked to create a photo for someone that had photos done before by someone else.

We all see ourselves in the mirror differently but we also have a view of how we want to be perceived.  We all have a personal brand even if it's not for business.  Think about describing yourself in one or two words. My two words for you might be different than your two words.

My view of you may be different than you see your self.  And while I might get all the technical aspects perfect and have a fair amount of creativity, you could be having an off day, you could be nervous, you could have some stress - and it all shows in your face. We all have micro expressions that slightly change with each click of the shutter. It's my job to minimize a flaw you don't like so it's something to go over before we click the shutter.  It's my job to make you comfortable to get those best looks on your face. It's my job to use the right lighting and posing so you look FABULOUS.

One quote I gave yesterday was for a company that did holdiay portraits for their employees and what stood out in our conversation was that the photographer did not look beyond taking the photographs.  He did not see a hair out of place or a crooked piece of jewelery on the subjects;   We have to look beyond just a face smiling when we take a photograph.  The subject may or may not need to smile, but, there are many elements to getting the perfect image beyond that.  We have to take the whole picture.

The woman who recently lost weight but had a sagging chin doesn't want that to show; Lighting and Posing are really important;  The beautiful woman who wants a glamour shot, doesn't want to see dark circles under her eyes so you must master lighting to hide that and have the right equipment to do it so she will be happy.  Twist a neck wrong in posing and you get some massive rolls on the neck even on the thinnest person.  A boudoir photograph to be perfect must have all the elements in place and must leave much to the imagination to work well.

It's a big deal to get dressed, get your hair perfect and your make up just right to come in for a session.  It's a big deal to me to flatter you so you love your photographs.  My years of knowledge of seeing you just right is something that makes me different.  I want to flatter my clients.  It was music to my ears yesterday when the subject I photographed proofed her images on line yesterday.She called in her co-workers to see what we had done and there was one "WOW" after another. I love to hear those WOW's and if I don't then I want to work with you so that they're all I hear - before we shoot.  Planning a portrait ahead is just as important as the after when we finish the image.

Just because you have a camera that will take good photograph doesn't mean it will convey the message you want delivered with your photo. The knowledge of how to use a camera is just as critical.  It must convey you and your brand and speak for you.  So today's F Word is Flatter.   Because you deserve a lot of flattery so that you are fabulous always.

September 18, 2011

Butterflies and Fairy Princesses!

We're halfway through our photography sessions for the Susan G. Komen Photography for The Cure raising money for the Los Angeles Affiliate.

First, I have to say that my team of Sharon Schlesinger who is helping style the survivors and helping me coordinate anything and everything has been so wonderful.  Sharon is one of those spirits that always has a smile on her face and has such a great way with people you just find her enthusiasm infectious.  Karen Snyder ( www.cosmeticallyorganized.com ) has been using her magic tools to make everyone model ready and Erin Kleptar at Claudio Marino Salon has been curling, crimping and bobby pinning hair so that everyone can be on the cover of the latest Fashion Magazine.  Such talent! I also want to thank Grace Frakes and Mary Ballesteros of Millennium Hair Studio who have offered to also fill in anywhere I need them to on Hair and Makeup for these sessions.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention David Meister (www.DavidMeister.com) who is dressing a few tonight's Emmy presenters and attendees, as well as our own celebrities of the sessions.

I am so excited to help dress the Butterflies and Fairy Princesses in my studio.  There is no question a big dose of Magic happening in the studio.  We are all having the most indescribable time. It takes me back to playing dress up as a little girl and putting on my Mom's best evening dresses and high heels many sizes too big.  It feels just like a few of my best friends have come over to play.  We are only missing the Tea Set for our party but in reality we aren't missing the tea.  I cue the music on the iPod and a shriek from the makeup chair yells out from the front "Hey that's me singing background" and we have an impromptu dance party and concert so we play it over and over again. Happy and fun moments like this abound.

I can't wait to share the images with you all where these women have eyes that are all lit up with anticipation and excitement while I am adjusting the lights. I love the first look they get in the mirror of themselves and the thrill of choosing some jewelery to wear and deciding if walking in 6 inch heels more than two feet will work.  The confidence and hope and emotion of just the experience is beyond anything I could have hoped for. And the look on their faces when I show them the back of the camera how beautiful they are. I wish the camera could look in their generous hearts and show that side of their beauty too.

We all have stories to tell about our lives and the journeys we are taking.  The stories are forming.  I have to go back to editing images.  I am having a warm fuzzy time at the computer just writing to tell you the progress.  We have ten more sessions to go this week. I can't wait to see what transpires and what fun we create in the process of raising a few dollars for Photography for The Cure.  They say laughter is the best medicine but it also takes money to find The Cure.  If you have some spare change towards the goal, we'd be even more grateful.  I am also looking for a sponsor to buy the models a keepsake copy of the book we are making. All the proceeds are going to Susan G. Komen Los Angeles. I think we're on track toward our $25,000 goal. The goal of making some women Queen for A Day has been surpassed and we are only half way there.

August 28, 2011

Susan G. Komen Datebook

I am so thrilled.

For about 5 years I have wanted to do a photography project that would benefit women. All women. We are all affected by Breast Cancer. We don't know who, what or when it strikes. We do our Monthly Breast Exams. We have our regular mammograms. We support the women who are impacted. Really - I cannot believe in my circle of friends how many of them have been brave and are strong.

We also have hope. And we can encourage those who are on the journey of recovery. We can celebrate them. And love them and pamper them.

I love to do things in a BIG way. What was going to be a 12 page calendar is going to be a datebook filled with love, encouragement, hope and beauty. I remember chatting with Sharon Schlesinger of Boku Mangos a few years ago sharing my dream about doing something like this. Sharon, if you don't know her is one of the women in this world that doesn't sit on the sidelines of life. She is a mover and shaker and makes things happen. With style and grace. My friend Sharon Schlesinger is one of those women, who like me has a big woven web of women who have hands to lend to reach out.

So we have been putting pieces together and it's started. Invitations have been sent to potential participants. We are asking to have sponsorships of $250 for each session. And it will benefit Susan G. Komen for The Cure Los Angeles Affiliate. All of it! That excites and delights me. As of this writing we've raised over $2200 towards our goal and we are just starting. And when the book publishes all of the net proceeds will be donated too.

Right now I am working with survivors who have come forward to participate. And be pampered. Erin Kleptar of Claudio Marino Salon has set time aside to do the hair. So has Grace Frakes and Laura at Millennium Hair Studio agreed to step up and help with Hair and Makeup. And Karen Snyder of Cosmetically Organized. David Meister is going to work with us on wardrobe as is Sharon helping style these models. I love the term she's using that they will be Queen for a Day. Really - they'll be Queen for a year or more.

So for updates - follow my blog here. Become a fan of Flash Frozen Photography on Facebook. ( and a friend of Kathy Rappaport. Follow my twitter posts at www.twitter.com/flashfrozenfoto. And donate or sponsor someone's session. We all need your help to pay it forward.

August 02, 2011

Wow. We won Flash Frozen Photography is Favorite Photographer

Every year the Los Angeles Daily News take a poll and people get to vote for their favorite businesses in the Los Angeles Area.

This is something I have followed for a long time. Being in business, and networking so much, I am sure i will know many if the award winners.I want to congratulate them. We all work hard. All the nominees deserve some recognition.

I am honored to win. I am glad they let us enter and they let you know.

Watch the Daily News for the write up On August 25th. There will actually be a photograph of me in the publication ..and a story. Can't wait to share it with you too. You can't have my plaque though. And pffft. They didn't spell photography with an F.

July 11, 2011

Fun and Feline and Fonzie

Unlike my photographer friends, I usually take an idea and talk about what I am thinking about. I don't talk much about my subjects - I want everyone I photograph to think they're on equal footing most of the time.

Well this little guy, Fonzie, belongs to one of my favorite friends, Carol who took a photography class with me 11 years ago. She takes all the credit for getting me in this fun business. She has also commissioned me to make a story book about Fonzie.

Enjoy him. They don't stay small long. I cannot get over how at 9 weeks he mugged for me - where every I put him he just purred away. I already love love love him

Oh the whole gallery is here: http://www.flashfrozenphotography.com/Portraits/Woof-Woof-and-Meow/Fonzie/17856362_hC6qPL#1378127081_9gJWDfx

July 04, 2011

Complete Service

While we are on the topic of service (see my last post!) my goal is to be more than creator of my client's images. In creating that special image, there is more to the photograph than meets the eyes.

Photography is telling the story with light of a person, place or thing. There is the technical ability to use the camera, there is the portraitist's ability to envision the finished pieces and the collaboration of the subject to the photographer.

We have an idea or message or story to tell with the images. The final use will be very dependent on the style we create with our portrait. If we are using the image for a business portrait, it's doubtful we would take an attorney to the beach or put him on a horse or bicycle. A few years ago I did a beach session for a family and the boys were in white shirts and black pants. It said "Sunday going to Church" but not to play in the sand or the water. A wardrobe and style consultation is a very important part of the sessions I do. You can't do a boudoir session without lingerie and not all lingerie works. I just was inspired by a session of a family all in tans/beiges and the setting was in a building all in the same color family as the clothing but the pieces were matched so to speak. They blended. When we do a photograph we are making a statement about who we are and about what we are like. We don't all want to dress in a Gap Ad or Land's End Catalog. Imagine my delight when a client called and sent me a very old photograph and asked if we could flavor her session that way. We were going to render the image as a black and white and a wedding dress I had purchased years ago fit the 1930's style of full skirt just right. It was even the client's size.

You cannot create a whole scene without all the parts.

Yesterday I did an order appointment. I asked about framing and now it's up to me to find that frame that goes with the existing frames and my photograph too. It's exciting to me to really finish my images from thought process to how the clients will view them forever. If they're not finished, I'd hate to see them in a drawer or elsewhere not viewed often. They need to be in books, in frames or in some form on the wall too.

June 27, 2011

Food for thought

We went to dinner with my husband's long time client and former neighbors. Frank has known them many years - I think at least 35. We always have a great time with Bob and Carol.

We have very interesting discussions about service and good business much of the time we socialize with them and Bob always makes me think. One thing we have in common is that we like good service where ever we do business. I just changed doctors and so did Bob. One reason for me is that my physician is too busy now to call with test results. He won't even call you if they're out of the range of normal. You must do it yourself if you want the results. Bob said his doctor's assistant was too busy to make an appointment with him at his visit. I had the same experience. I had an appointment for a physical and my doctor did some of it and told me to come back because he was too busy to do it. And he ran over an hour late the appointment before that. I left and made another appointment. I don't think that my time is any less valuable than his is. An hour wait is too long to be sitting in a little windowless room. For no reason.

We both like to travel and have found service lacking lately on a few cruise ships and less honesty from one cruise line about some water levels a river cruise causing us to be bussed instead of sailing down the river. We were sure we were told a white lie on boarding.

As someone who has worked in small boutique environments since her first job, not one excuse is acceptable to me when it comes to being busy. The whole existence of having any business is to make the customer want to come back for 2nds or more or if you are not offering a repeat experience, then at least the best possible service.

I always want to make a client feel I've gone above and beyond. That I am truthful. I want my clients leaving my studio shaking their heads and thinking they've had a fantastic experience that bears telling their friends and repeating as often as possible. I promise to never leave you unattended in a cold windowless room in a paper examination gown for an hour.

June 10, 2011

Beauty and Culture!

One of the great advantages to living in a fantastic city like "The Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan region" is that we have so much diversity in our art, experience and culture. We have such a broad mix of ethnicity in our region (Los Angeles is a City but also really a huge region - as big as some states and even bigger than some European nations). We have many cultures since we are a melting pot. Los Angeles has for more than a century been considered one of the best areas in which to live in the world for our weather/climate and life experiences. We've been glamorized to the world because we are after all the authentic Hollywood - home to Film and Film Stars. We have a huge fashion presence with many manufacturers of clothing. We have Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills too. We have a great deal of music and theater. And Museums - Los Angeles County Muesum of Art, Two Getty Museums, MOCA, with which to immerse ourselves in Art - Modern, History, Painting, Sculpture, the art of the automobile at the Peterson Museum, we have a great Science Museum, We have a Natural History Museum, We have the La Brea Tar Pits too.

We have also been gifted with a newcomer to the museum collection we have called The Annenberg Center for Photography.

As a photographer who specializes in Glamour and photography of Women AND someone who grew up around the fashion industry, their current exhibit called Beauty and Culture to me was life changing. I have always loved the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. This exhibit has 175 of the world's most influential photographs of beauty and fashion and those who have made their life a part of that culture and and shaped societal definition of what we find beautiful in the female form. Go see it, share it and let me know what you think. There is a documentary film that explores our viewpoints about beauty and glamor. Let me know if you see beauty in a new way.

May 28, 2011

What people are saying about me

Some of you know that I won a cruise in a silent auction from Round Meadow School's auction last year. So we are just back from a Viking River Cruise on the Rhine River through Germany, France, Switzerland and finally the Netherlands. Soon I will have some amazing photos of Castles, Old Buildings, Flowers and Europe. The scenery is fantastic and we had perfect weather for a cruise.

Through the auction, I met Jen Levinson who runs one of the best blogs out there for Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley Moms. Anything about being a Mom, Parent or medical can go through her blog and her Jen's List. Amazing how networking works in so many forms. Nannys, Garage Sales, Medical resources and teaching/parenting/entertainment - all Mom connecting. Amazing! (http://jenslist.com/)

And in chatting about the cruise and the auction I proposed that Jen do a session with me. We ended up in my studio with some pampering for her by Karen Snyder of www.cosmeticallyorganized.com and I had Erin Goldstein at Claudio Marino do Jen's hair.

So...this is what Jen had to say:

Thank you, Jen. I hope you will take a photo of Mike on Father's Day looking at your book.

April 26, 2011

Photos don't lie

Sometimes in life we go in circles.

This week the circle for me was that a dozen of my school friends got together for brunch on Easter Sunday. Just girls. What a warm fuzzy day it was. 12 women genuinely excited to see one another, meet each other and catch up.

What was important to all of us? The photos. Snapshots, Scrap books, Class Yearbooks. Sharon made name tags for all of us with maiden names. And yes, photos from our year books.

Sometimes our memories so many years later play tricks on us because I will swear that Robin looks the same as she did in Kindergarten. And Marcie looks the same as she did in Junior High when we were hall monitors. Felicia hasn't changed one bit since High School. And Sharon D. is as lovable and bubbly as ever. Clearly she looks the same as she did when we double dated on Grad Night.

I swear I can look at those photos and see - they're all the same people. Photographs don't lie.

April 13, 2011


Today my assistant told me about a wedding she attended this past weekend. I don't know the bride but we did connect via facebook and I did get to see her photographs. As all brides are happy and glowing and the ceremony was beautiful, her dress was fantastic and it looked like the photographs I saw were technically good.

What I didn't see is that they weren't complete. No one would know that if you weren't there. What I heard were that some key images were just not taken - at all. The photographer was a friend of the couple. But he wasn't skilled at weddings. There was not list of must have images. There were ceremony moments not captured. There were no photographs of the bride and her children.

I heard the bride was disappointed. For that, I am very sad. A wedding isn't something to take lightly. A special event is a fluid event. You can be a great photographer and miss out on some images if you don't know what to look for. I've spent many days studying what to shoot. How to anticipate the emotion of the day and capture it forever.

I hope the guests might have those missing images on their cameras. I hope they all came out. You roll the dice in a situation when you have friends that take good photos. You gamble that they won't miss what's important. That they have good working cameras and they know how to capture the light just right and that the photographer has the ability and equipment to make light when they need it.

I also hope they will live happily ever after. After all there is left is the love of the day and the memories. The photos must tell the rest of the story. They are all there is when the memories fail and for the grandchildren to see what it was like back then.

April 01, 2011

Fund Raising for Japan: Art, Sake, Sushi and Friends: Thank You

Yesterday we had the fundraiser at the Ensele Gallery to raise money for the relief effort in Japan. I want to thank Jubbie Sukharom at Asaka Sushi for coming to provide the sake for sake tasting and several other restaurants the donated sushi for our well attended event. Not only did we have a good time raising money but, as artists, we love to show our work and passion with the world.

We each donated a piece of our artistic efforts and the proceeds were donated to the Red Cross to benefit the people of Japan.

Kathleen Sterling of the Warner Center News published an article about the Event,

Thanks to Jessica Nagy at the Calabasas Patch for her video article at www.calabasas.patch.com

Special thanks to Barbara Hollander and Selene Kepila for their vision and inspiration

And for Sunshine Magazine's Blog about the event;

Thank you all for participating and helping us get the word out.

March 27, 2011

The Cookie Cutter and Recipe - and Portraits

One of my favorite things to do is to cook. Last night I had a small dinner party with a few friends and made a lasagna. Made a simple sauce, and then layered Ricotta , Mozzarella, Cheese, Ground Lamb sauteed in Garlic and Onion, a layer of baby spinach, a layer of sauteed cubed eggplant, more cheese and finally filled my pan which is extra deep. We had some lovely local California wine from Laraneta and Shai Vineyards too. Simple to make but takes time to create.

I love setting the stage for a dinner with my best dishes and glassware, flowers and even cloth napkins. If I am going to put out the effort then doing it halfway isn't what I want to do.

Photographing portraits is the same but takes more effort because it's a joint project. I have a brain full of ideas about setting the stage - if it's the studio or a location like the park or beach. I try not to keep any two sessions exactly the same because my clients are all different. Constantly I change out my studio furniture, backgrounds and lighting and accessories. I want to make a unique portrait that doesn't make every session the same.

Clients need to cooperate too, getting their hair done, making sure their nails are clean/polished, make up impeccable. And perfectly accessories clothes that a pressed or matching. I love the family I just finished where I did not know the mom was a stylist. Everyone had coordinating colors in the clothes and her efforts paid off without looking like the white or black tops with all jeans or khaki pants. Style of clothing can make or break your photographs.

If you are going to invest in something you will have in your home for the rest of your life, then let me help you plan the perfect portrait. One that will be uniquely yours. Tasteful and styled to be fantastic.

March 16, 2011


I am just back from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. We went for a wedding of our friend's son and new bride. We arrived as the news that Japan was hit with the historic Earthquake and that there was a Tsunami Warning for most of the Pacific Ocean. By the time we got to our hotel, The Sheraton on Kona, they were planning to close the hotel and we should go to the parking lot of a nearby shopping center.

Our friends took us to the Bride's parents, where we had everything we needed. Over 30 of us stayed and watched the unfathomable. The Tsunami came in three waves to the Kona Coast (West Coast of Hawaii). There is a huge amount of devastation there. The Pier and many homes and businesses were ruined. Jobs will be lost but no one was hurt - businesses were closed, streets were full of sand and silt.

I am so grateful that most of the wedding festivities went off as planned. We adapted. We slept on the floor and missed a shower and clean clothes. We had facilities. We needed nothing.

The people of Japan need everything. I did a series of floral photography while in Kona the few free hours I had. I will have those finished in a few days. 20% of the proceeds from those will be given to Rotary International to give to Japan toward recovery. And the Ensele Gallery will have a special event on March 31st and I will donate one of the images so that proceeds will be earmarked to the Red Cross for Japan Relief.

It's the best way I know to show my gratitude.

March 06, 2011

Ensele ART March 3 2011.mov

Here is a little taste of the Gallery Show at Ensele Gallery. The gallery room for Kathy Rappaport/Flash Frozen Photography is the first minute. My exhibit will be there through the first week of April. Please let me know if you would like to visit. There will be a small gathering of friends at the gallery and I would welcome having my friends there again.

March 03, 2011


Today is the day for Art and Wine at the Ensele Gallery. My images are hung - I am overjoyed at seeing them framed and matted. I can't wait to share them with my friends - old and new!

Everytime I create a print, I am reminded just how much goes into making that print. Seeing them online is always exciting, seeing them printed takes it up a notch or two. But seeing them really finished - matted and framed...well, if you cook, you can relate because you can taste something as it's in the pot and know it's going to be great, but, when you serve it on your best china at a beautifully adorned table with candles and a linen napkin at your best restaurant, it's a whole different meal. Art is like fine dining.

Eating a hamburger out of a cardboard box is delicious but eating a steak at Ruths Chris, Mastros, Arnie Morton's or Grill on the Alley is a whole other experience.

Please come and dine with me. Actually Feast with me. Your senses of Photography and Fine Art will be overjoyed.

February 13, 2011

Updates: Gallery Show at Ensele Gallery, Voting, and Susan G Komen - Happy Valentine's Day

We are so excited that we will have our work featured at the Night of Art and Wine at the Ensele Gallery on March 3rd. We will have a small collection of images from wine regions on display: Images from California, Italy, France and Spain. I am currently finishing and framing the photographs for the show. We will also have some on display at Nicola's Kitchen in Woodland Hills - next to the Studio.

We are still in the top of the list of Children's Photographer's for the Hot List. We could still use more votes!

On March 6th, I will be the official photographer of the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure at Dodger Stadium and I have been commissioned to photograph the Survivors and the Survivor Ceremony. Just a wonderful opportunity to celebrate life and bravery. Those who know me will be surprised that I will be there at 6 am to capture this special day in Los Angeles. 15,000 people will be walking to raise money to combat Breast Cancer.

And just for fun, I did Valentine's Day Cards for Starla and thought I would share the card with you

January 27, 2011

Business of Business - For Photographers - WPPI Group Mentoring and Coaching Session

Well, I was asked. Many people in the Photography and Small Business community on the West Coast know me as the go to person for QuickBooks coaching and training. I've set up 100's of company books of all kinds and trained many business owners on how to run a business from the Financial and Tax viewpoint and yet as an artist and photographer myself, I completely understand the struggle many artists face and they fight with the business side of business.

Unofficially and now officially, I am the expert on Business and QuickBooks for the Digital Wedding Forum, I have taught Super Monday for PPA on QuickBooks for Photographers and I talked to the Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County (PPLAC) and SmugMug Pro User Groups on how to be a Business Person and a Photographer!

For those of you going to WPPI in Las Vegas, I will be there and since I was asked to do this, I will be offering a limited number of spaces to do a a group mentoring and coaching session all about the Business of Photography. The F in FStop will be stop putting aside the business of your finances. We will talk about bookkeeping, taxes, profit, pricing, contracts, employees, and managing it all so you have time left for you.

The fee is $125 and space is limited. Please email me at kathy@kathyrappaport.com or call me at the studio at 818-888-2280 if you want to have me save you a spot. You must RSVP and prepay for the session by 2/17 at 5pm PST. I don't promise it will be fun - but you will have a great experience and walk away with real information without fluff. There will be lots of food for thought. I am not doing back of the room selling. I don't have anything to sell but 40 years of financial, banking and photography experience as an educator and entrepreneur. I can talk for days but two hours is about as much as most photographers are comfortable with. Besides, I am sure there is a party about to happen in Las Vegas, and I don't want to take you away from the real reason you go to WPPI.