June 08, 2016

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All you need to do is enter your email address and go to Goods and Services
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September 14, 2015

Kathy Rappaport visits the New Woodland Hills Costco for EncinoMom.com

Local LAPD Officers enjoying their new Beat.

Costco Employees JoDee and Amanda
Employees getting ready and taking pride in the new store

A fun view of the Meat Packing and butchering.  My Dad and both my grandfathers wre in the wholesale and retail meat business.
I was so honored to be asked to take on a journalism assignment from Lisa Keating of www.encinomom.com.
She was invited to have a private tour with the PR/Social Media people at the new Woodland Hills Costco.

You can read the story here  :Kathy Rappaport visits the NEW Costco 

All of the photos are here http://www.flashfrozenphotography.com/Events/Encino-Mom-Com/

August 30, 2015

Moments that are private and moments to be shared

Today I was honored to photograph a proposal.  So much went into the planning of the day. Sterling came to me about a month ago and we agreed that I would be his photographer. He has so many details planned and a beautiful setting with the help of his cousin, James.  I love the Marry Me Sign.  And the bottle of Wine. And the little domed dish for the ring.  And lights on the napkins too. A fantasy for his beautiful princess, Amy.

Today was that day.  I arrived early and toured the location in Malibu.  It was just gorgeous. The sun peeking out through the trees.  The table adorned with flowers, there were so many special touches to make it a romantic fantasy.  The emotions were just as you would expect. Not only was Amy surprised but overtaken with joy and tears too.  Sterling was also overcome with pride she said YES - but he knew she would.

What I love so much about what I do is sharing those happy moments and recording them for my clients forever.  Some of those moments are meant to be private.  There is a fine line for me of giving people some private time and sharing their emotional time to record for friends and family for posterity.

Congratulations to you, Amy and Sterling.  Thank you for sharing your special day with me.  Or as Amy said "This is the best day of my whole life".  I hope you both have many more Best Days of Your Lives as you make the journey together.

July 27, 2015


Yes, after nearly 10 years in the French Quarter it was time to spruce up our studio.  Actually, we had a plumbing pipe above our studio break and leak into our studio supply and storage area so it meant we had to relocate and a good time to FRESHEN up our space.

Our new studio has big north facing windows for natural light photography in the studio.  I put in beautiful wood flooring - so excited about the new look and new creative ideas a new space gives me.

So while we are at it, we are rebranding too.  New website design and logo change too.

As soon as I finish unpacking the boxes and am all set up, I will post new photos, have a ribbon cutting and more. 

Wink wink - I have an announcement to make next month that I have to keep a secret for now but for my clients it will be something special too!

January 19, 2015

More than just a pretty face...

Nicola's Kitchen Ad    

We have been very fortunate to be in the beautiful French Quarter for nearly 10 years now.  We are neighbors to John and Kate Saffell, owners of Nicola's Kitchen who have a great eclectic menu.  They have opened for breakfast a few months ago - very yummy. 

Any good restaurant needs good photographs so the food they are displaying looks as good as it tastes.  John came by to ask me to photograph a breakfast menu item for this ad. 

In the world of Commercial Photography - various subjects have different parameters to be met when photographing.  Lighting needs to take into consideration factors like type of lighting;  Lenses are specific for use creating the creamy backgrounds and blurring out parts of an image.  People need a variety of techniques from posing to lighting and wardrobe.  So many people say - oh - but it's just a quick snap. Glass and reflections play into the final image.  Expressions on faces don't just happen - the photographer needs to know how to relate to a person to give them the look needed for a professional image.

Any good photograph - be it a portrait, a food shot, a pet - all need planning encompassing things like how the image will be used, where it will be displayed - ad in a magazine, family  photographs on the fireplace, or web image in a specific pixel size.

I do more than just portraits;  I photograph events, for advertising, headshots, pets and newborns too.  In my Woodland Hills Studio or on location.  I have photographed both chickens and eggs.  They all come first for me. 

So while you are thinking of eggs...go visit my friends at Nicola's.  They have delicious eggs for breakfast.

November 30, 2014

Thinking Red and White and YOU too!

So you are thinking about your Family Celebrations for Christmas and Hanukkah, and while I am still doing family and pet sessions for the Holidays, it's not too soon to think about VALENTINE'S Day too!

While you are shopping and thinking about that great little black dress for New Year's Eve, the new heels you are buying and the sexy lingerie to wear with it, call and talk to me and we can plan the ultimate gift for you and for him too.

I have packages with prints, folios, and little black books starting at $375.00 for your session and a folio.  That's $125 off.

Come in, get your hair and make up done by my team and treat yourself to one of
the most uplifting experiences - you will see yourself as never before and gift yourself too.
A recent review from one of her clients said:
Kathy is truly one of a kind! I scheduled a boudoir shoot w/her & she made me feel very, very comfortable! We just met to pick the final photos & I could not be happier with them! I really was only expecting to like max 5 but turns out I have 30 photos! I am 50 years old & not in the best shape but boy did Kathy work her magic-I can only imagine how the final prints will look once she completes her magic! She is so calm, sweet and really knowledgeable in her field! I highly recommend Kathy for any type of photo shoot!

November 21, 2014

Something to think about!

Today I contacted the venue for one of my sessions this weekend.  It's a very important mufti-generation portrait where the Matriarch is celebrating a milestone birthday and the whole family will be together to celebrate.  - four generations!

I am more than honored to be chosen to do this cherished portrait for them.  In speaking to the catering manager, they required a liability insurance policy naming them as additional insured for me to work there. It is 2pm on Friday and with a quick email to my agent I was able to meet their requirements.

Last month I took out a permit to shoot in some public spaces to create portraits for clients in the Santa Monica Mountains. I also had to provide the US Government/National Parks with insurance too. And paid a fee to be legally allowed to go there with clients.

This is not an unusual request, but, many photographers don't carry that kind of coverage on a routine basis.  While it's important to hire a photographer not only for their skills in photographing their subject, it would have been sad if the family would not have had a photographer who could also meet the professional requirements of the venue. Or to go to a park and be asked to leave by a ranger because the photographer did not take care of business.  It's all too common.

Just food for thought when you are considering a photographer to create something for your family. After all the work you put in to get ready, get there and gather the family. It would be very disappointing to miss out on the opportunity to have exactly the family portraits you planned to have. Yes, it might cost a little more because the cost of business is higher for me, but in the end - it is worthwhile if you would not be allowed on the premises to do what you went there for to begin with!

October 02, 2014

Family Portraits - Holiday Portraits

It's Time for Holiday Mini Portraits.
30 Minute Session in Studio
Five Finished and retouched Files sized just for your holiday cards and gift prints too.
A website for designing your cards yourself or with my assistance
 Many designs, custom text and ordering gift prints for Grandma 
Corporate Photos too
Custom Designs available.
Professional Quality - Archival Paper
Limited Times and dates available. 
Call the Studio to book before October 15th Phone - (818) 888-2280 -
 for sessions in October and November $250.00 (plus tax!)
Gift items available and larger prints too. 

April 16, 2014

Headshots! Headshots! Headshots! It's a FIESTA For Facebook and Websites and YOU April 28th

In my studio, I create professional portraits just about every day.  Sometimes for Actors, Realtors, Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers and Love Seekers (Dating Headshots!)

And a few times a year I have a Headshot Fiesta!  Save $75.00!

We have a lot of fun including some networking, we create your image, with Mary Laura Ballesteros  wielding her paint (makeup) brushes to bring out your best features like those gorgeous baby blue eyes or apply some eyelashes if you need them. Erin Klepetar can tease your tresses and blow them out or cut and style right next door at the Claudio Marino Hair Design!

The fee is $150 for Makeup, and a fully retouched digital file in multiple sizes that you can use for print and web.  Call for your appointment because space is limited!

So, if it's time to update that look on the web, Facebook, Match.com, Jdate or your business cards and promotional materials, call the studio 818.888.2280 or email me (kathy@flashfrozenphotography.com) and get your game face on!

Your choice of in the studio or outside in the beautiful French Quarter   Call and reserve your spot.  MONDAY April 28th from 9 AM to 6 PM!

March 26, 2014


Sometimes my dogs come and spend the day in the studio.  My husband works next door and depending on our schedules, we can move the dogs to the other's offices next door.  Usually it's just one dog at a time. They are helpful to me when I do lighting since I have to change lights around for each client.

So here is my light test from yesterday. He's always fun to have around.  If you pass the window of the studio and something is moving...it's usually him.  He's a rescue Jack Russell mix and loves company.

March 21, 2014

Gifts. For Mom, for Dad, for FAMILIES and Frames

Photography for me is all about capturing things and times you want to remember.
I have many new products coming in this spring.  I love to show printed images and to help you do that, for new family sessions or boudoir sessions or pet portraits, I will gift you a frame from a new line I am stocking in the studio for gifts. (In stock selection only)
Some good reasons for a sitting are:

An event like a birthday party or family gathering
A moment in time:  A special Age from One to A hundred and One
A celebration: A Wedding, an Engagement, a New Life
A milestone: An Anniversary
A Relationship: Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, Grandparents
A headshot to promote you or your business or for your website.
Maybe you've been working out and you have a new body to celebrate.

April is Easter and Passover - and we have our Families together.  A good reason to get together but also capture the moment in time.

I can think of a thousand reasons to take a photograph.  Call me to brainstorm and I will help you think of one that is just right for you!

A New life.  They Don't stay small for long.  4 Days old!

To get your Sexy on: Lose Weight? Fall in Love? Want to Celebrate a New Look?  Or just realize how beautiful you are? Almost every woman I have captured for a Boudoir look has come in "for him" and realized that they were the one who got the gift.

Some of the images and sessions I have been working on:
Dating, Websites, Graduation, Seniors - both 65 and older and High School

I have been learning to "paint" my images.  Since dogs give me a lot to work with I have been using my pet photographs to learn this new technique
Painted Puppies Series     

March 09, 2014


I love when synergy just happens.

Audrey had a photography session with another photographer who didn't quite capture the personality she wanted expressed for her website and needed her headshot done in a hurry to meet her with her web designer for the finishing touches.

I was able to get her in my studio right away and plan what she wanted to convey on her website.  We really had a lot of fun with her outdoor headshot.  She is a Real Estate Appraiser and with my former career in Real Estate Lending and Banking, we had a lot we could chat about although I haven't managed a bank in 23 years!

When we plan a session, I find out what message you are trying to get across and bring your personality and favorite features into a portrait;  This is Audrey - just as she sees herself for her professional presence.

You can check out her website here: http://www.affinitysvc.com/.  Save it because you never know when you might need a good appraiser. She's totally fabulous!

February 24, 2014

Tasty....Magic...Coffee ...

Sometimes you meet people in this world who think like you do.  Those of you who are my readers know that giving is important to me.  And along comes Jackie Mendelson who has spent her life giving to others working in the non profit world.  And what does Jackie do? She decides to start a coffee company. She found that in many coffee growing regions of the world made a huge difference in their communities by growing and selling beans.  She is able to fund some needs that sustain whole communities where the coffee is grown to further support these under served places in this world. We can make a difference just by doing what we do anyway - drink coffee. It is amazing what you can with with a little ingenuity! 

Jackie asked me to help her photograph her coffee for her website and gave me a general idea of what she wanted.  We did the gift certificates, baskets, coffee and more. One the hardest products to photograph are things that are dark and reflective; I had to use some skills I honed photographing eyeglasses for another client for a period of time. When light hits the dark bags, it leaves big light spots on the bags. Lighting is keep to making the bags pop for the website.  She was very happy that the coffee bags just looked exactly as she'd hoped.

Not only did Jackie and I pair to style the products, but we had a lot of fun.  So if you want to help her fund the projects that give back to these regions of the world - please go to Whole Foods or to her website and look for her Arabica Dabra Coffee.  She has gift certificates and baskets too.  My studio has had the delicious scent of fresh coffee beans for weeks after our shoot.  I can still smell it every time I brew some of the wonderful Arabica Dabra Coffee. You can see some of the rest on the banner here: http://www.tastymagic.com/

January 06, 2014

All Dressed Up

Happy New Year.

We have a brand new shiny year and I feel so optimistic about those blank days upcoming to make a difference in the world.

But first I have to start with me.  I don't believe in making resolutions but I do believe in looking at what I have  planned and to grow as a person, give to others of myself - my skills, my knowledge and my heart.  I volunteer time for a few charities and to make a difference to others. I also like to stretch as a person and get out of my own comfort zone.

I am a member of the Rotary Club of Woodland Hills; I am on the board so I can fairly say I am involved.  I pick a few projects that touch my heart like working with kids or the annual Art Show or shopping for school supplies to fill backpacks for kids going back to school.

This month I will be at the Ovarian Cancer Circle inspired by Robin Babbini's fund raising luncheon at Ruths Chris Steakhouse.  I am honored that I will be photographing the day.

I am also on the committee for the Woodland Hills Relay for Life and I hope to make a difference wiping out Cancer and having fun with my Woodland Hills Rotary Club team.  This year the Race for the Cure for Susan G. Komen for the Cure conflicts with attending the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International Annual Expo and I am sorry I will miss the Race.

Those are all things I do to fill my own heart.  But I also have to find time for fun. And some romance. A big thing for me, is that I also had a spectacular Black Tie time for New Year's Eve. Our usual New Year's Eve activity is to stay home and make a special night either alone or with friends.But we were invited out and we went for the first time in 17 new years eves.  My husband Frank and I ate, drank and danced up a storm.

 And I bought a little black dress that I absolutely feel fabulous in. I pampered myself just as my clients are pampered when we do a session, with having my hair and makeup done.   So soon I am making a date with one of my photographer girlfriends.  Because as I encourage my clients to come to my studio and get all dressed up and play while making a memory and a treasured image, I am going to visit a studio and have some photographs and a little black book made for my husband Frank to admire.  And yes, I will be dressed enough to share it here. Being on the flip side of the camera is outside my comfort zone.

So that's what is on tap for me...I love helping my clients feel good when they put on a little something flirty too.  So if you are feeling frisky in fashionable.  Call me.  Valentine's Day will be here before you know it.  I will show you mine if you show me yours.

December 21, 2013

Two More Christmas Deliveries and into the New Year - Portraits, Travel, Headshots and Gifts!.:

Wow...where does the time go?  I am sitting here a few days before Christmas and people are definitely in celebration mode. 

It's really fun for me to know that many of my portraits this year are gifts and will be special to people for generations!  I created one of a kind Holiday Greeting Cards that are going on fireplace mantels and being saved as mementos of holidays past.  Some of the portraits are of dogs, babies, couples, and individuals. There is a story to every one of the sessions.

I can't show them yet since they might be under a tree or not yet delivered by the post office.

Some of my travel photography is being given as gifts too - travels from Italy and France.  I am putting a wall collection together now for someone with a specific few images for their home.

As the New Year starts, I have some Boudoir sessions for those little black books for Valentine's Day.   One of my clients is having a portrait painted by a well known artist and we are doing a life style session of her at the beach for him to create a "derivative" work.  That is a very exciting project for me.  And lots of headshots for website and advertising collateral.  Some for Dating for Match.com and Jdate and Plenty of Fish. 

On July 26th,  I am escorting a cruise to Alaska where we will do some daily Photowalks and Excursions so you can take Better Photos with Your Camera.  Everyday I will talk about the ports and possibilites and go with you and your camera to take home memories of your cruise.  We will be on the Coral Princess.  If you are interested in having a good time with your camera and learning how to have photos worth hanging on the wall - call the studio and I will connect you.  I promise lots of surprises since I know the ports well.

In the meantime, my little Ziggy, Studio Greeter and Assistant, wishes you a Festive Holiday and Fruitful New Year!

September 27, 2013

Headshots! Last time this Year. - Half Price with Makeup too!

Time for our Headshot Special Day!  October 14th;  Appointments for from 10 to 6 with Makeup and fluffing;  This only happens a few times a year and we have so much fun.  Hair Fluffing, Makeup, a little bit of play time in front of the Lens and afterward my fairy dust is sprinkled on your image for the world to see how professional you look on your brochures, fliers, websites, and social media.  I promise you won't ever want to use that cell phone "selfie" ever again when you can look like the CEO you really are!

Call for your appointment or if you need more information!

September 21, 2013

Women's Professional Forum and the Ovarian Cancer Circle

Today I had breakfast at the Women's Professional Forum. I love that group of like minded entrepreneurs.

We had a healthcare panel discussion for our topic. One of the speakers was Paulinda Babbini, who is the Director/Founder of the Ovarian Cancer Circle honoring Robin Babbini, her daughter, who passed away so very young  - just past her teens - of Ovarian Cancer.

Paulinda works tirelessly to raise funds to educate women so they know the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer so that can be treated early since Ovarian Cancer is very difficult to detect before it's too late.  So while many women are following the Pink Ribbons in October, Paulinda is passing around beautiful turquoise bracelets, scarves and some beautiful iridescent necklaces to raise money for the cause.

As a photographer, I agreed to photograph one of her upcoming fundraisers again because it's one of the ways I can contribute. But what strikes me is that Robin's face is also on all the materials.  It's a lovely photograph of a young girl and it's on all the posters and literature.  I cannot imagine what Paulinda went through; sometimes that is all that is left is the memory and the photograph of those we have loved and lost. I saw Paulinda shed a tear today while looking at the photograph and the emotion went right to my heart.

So I want to remind you all:  Please don't forget to take pictures of those you love.  A teen is to young to leave us. In the plan of living we don't expect that.  But we can still be touched by her beauty every day through her memories.  I never had an opportunity to meet her.  But I feel her presence and spirit in her photograph.  Paulinda is keeping her memory alive so it it will remind one more woman to go see her Gynecologist and have a Trans Vaginal Ultrasound, get your CA-125 Blood test.

So for October, I thought I would put my money on the Ovarian Cancer Circle.  If you book portrait session with me I will donate 20% of my session fee to the Ovarian Cancer Circle. Please read about the symptoms and donate here. http://theovariancancercircle.org/

September 09, 2013

So many things to do...News - Winner of the Los Angeles Daily News Readers Choice Awards and A NEW WEBSITE ON THE WAY TOO

As a sole proprietor I wear many hats. My number one job is to make happy clients and have fun with them - creating photographs they will want to display in their homes and hearts FOREVER.

To do that I need to be creative in many areas. Coming from a background of accounting and banking, and with a husband who is a Certified Public Accountant, my business is run with all my i's dotted and T's crossed. I pay taxes and collect sales tax, and have business licenses too. If a location permit is needed or permission from a property owner, I take care of it.. I know too many photographers who fly under the radar and don't get them. But in the middle of a session, they can get ticketed, fined and sent away resulting in the photographs you planned for might not happen.

 I had someone call me this week to photograph their 4 year old's birthday party in a few weeks and they were panicked a bit. They couldn't find a photographer who could provide them with the right kind of insurance their venue wanted, which I carry so my clients have peace of mind.

I am watchful that my software is registered, my cameras work (more than one!) and I have alternate ways of working if something does go wrong. I have a group of talented photographers who would step in quickly if I booked an event and had a personal emergency ( and it would be a pretty big emergency!).

When I create headshots or portraits, I book the makeup artist and hair stylist; I can adjust times so your day flows perfectly and take the stress off my clients. I have wardrobe clothes or accessories like shoes for you to make the details just right if something is off. 

But the details of my business are just as important as anything else. I keep my books up. I do tend to neglect my blog. I post often on Facebook and LinkedIn.

My website platform has served me well but the provider has changed their back end and I am FURIOUSLY changing my website to be FUNCTIONAL and Fit with their new requirements.  I expect to have it FABULOUS in the next few days.

One detail is this: I was voted the BEST Photographer in the Los Angeles Daily News Reader's Choice Awards. I was a Favorite in that category for the last two years. But this year, I won overwhelmingly and there are no Favorites.  Just me.  For all the the readers of the LA Daily News and City of Los Angeles.  I am farklempt!  So if you got this far, and you book an appointment in September and you tell me you read this...I will give you a $75 credit for prints.  Because I want to celebrate my success with you. Much of which is because I pay attention to all the little details of life.

July 02, 2013

Pets are family too. Don't they deserve a place to call their own too?

Our pets are only with us for a part of our lives. Everyday they do things to warm our hearts from greeting us joyfully when we come home - even if we only went to the market for a few minutes. Don't forget that they deserve to be remembered at the different stages of their lives from puppyhood to old age. They are part of our life story. A pet photograph, album or book helps tell it and will give you joy for many years.

June 06, 2013

How to create better photographs with YOUR Camera

I have loved creating photographs since my mom handed me her Kodak Brownie Camera. I loved the thrill of going to the Rexall Drug Store and getting a new roll of film and then returning it to get prints. We'd move to the side of the counter and one by one make two piles - one to throw away and one to cherish. I still love the same process. My professional career in photography started with those very same piles and the more I have photographed the smaller the piles to throw away are. Not only do I create family portraits, pet portraits, studio portraits, but I also have a huge collection of travel photography. Some of that photography has been displayed and sold via Art Gallery. So when Maya at Ruths Chris Steakhouse offered me a place to talk photographs, I thought I'd spend some time taking you on a journey from the South Pacific, to the Baltic Countries to some of my favorite spots in Europe and show you how to create photographs worth keeping.

April 25, 2013

Headshot Special

Limited Space Available! Polish your look in print and social media. Half Price - One Day only

February 26, 2013

Photos for a Cause - Ovarian Cancer Circle and Ruths Chris Steakhouse Woodland Hills .

The Ovarian Cancer Circle inspired by Robin Babbini was founded as a tribute to her daughter by Paulinda Schimmel Babbini.  Her daughter, Robin, had Ovarian Cancer and by the time it was diagnosed, it was too late for successful treatment.  Even the physician's misdiagnosed her based on her symptoms .

To honor her daughter and keep others from having the same experience, Paulinda's mission is to educate people on the symptoms so they can get early treatment and to fund finding a cure. To find out more visit www.theovariancancercircle.org

134 Women (and a few brave men) attended a lovely luncheon to benefit The Ovarian Cancer Circle inspired by Robin Babbini at Ruths Chris Steakhouse in Woodland Hills on February 21st. A silent auction and a raffle drawing contributed to the fun.  Over $8,000 and awareness of symptoms of Ovarian Cancer were raised at the event

Here are some of the photographs from the event and the rest can be found here:


Paulinda Schimmel Babbini with the Ruth's Chris Sales and Catering Manager,  Maya Camara, Manager, Frank Daftari, Laurie Anne Hanke and Jeremy Kvalheim

Dalia Hayon, Stacy Baker, Doreen Braverman, Paulinda Schimmel Babbini,
Susie Jacobson, Allison Weisman, Joanna Goodwin, Ken Goodman

Paulinda Schimmel Babbini and Maya Camara, Sales and Catering Manager of Ruths Chris Steakhouse

Joyce Pearson, Candidate for City Council 3rd District,  Dalia Hayon and Paulina Schimmel Babbini

The restaurant all decked our in Aqua Blue for The Ovarian Cancer Circle Inspired by Robin Babbini

Some of the raffle prizes

Silent Auction which included original photographs of Audrey Hepburn, Wizard of Oz memorabilia and too many lovely pieces of handmade jewelery.

Dalia Hayon and Susie Jacobson, founders of Women's Business Forum 

December 09, 2012

Yesterday I took little Ziggy, Jack Russell  Rescue Terror Mix, to the studio to create a fun, silly photograph with the only intention to use for his Facebook following and ended up creating a cover page with the the image. 

In the process, one of my favorite clients asked me to make some Facebook images for her own photo album.  So clients who have booked me through January will get a bonus Facebook cover photo from my favorites from their family session.

Wishing everyone a Fabulous Holiday Season.  Call the Studio if you want to book a session with your family - Canine or Human - for your Facebook page. 818 888.2280

October 10, 2012

Photographs. We only have this moment

On September 19th I brought my camera with me to The Woodland Hills Tarzana Chamber of Commerce Wine Festival.  I always enjoy events and bringing my camera to capture friends in the moments of having fun.  Besides, Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, where I am also a member had a booth and many members would be there.

Not much significance really.  I processed the photos and put them on Facebook for friends to have some nice images from a fun day. 

Fast forward a week and one of our dear Rotarians, Mel had a debilitating stroke. He's now out of immediate danger and we are hoping he will gain back his speech and his paralysis will be gone.

So to me, this is special because it was just a few days prior to his stroke.  He was having a wonderful time and most important, dispensing his usual big hug and smile.  Always a kind word from his heart.

So my message is to take photographs often. Don't hide from the camera.  You never know how special that image might be to someone or their loved ones.

August 26, 2012

Holiday Portrait Sessions and Time for Holdiay Greeting Cards!

I can't believe today is 4 Months until Christmas Day and Chanukah is even earlier! Last year I even did a session on December 23rd and we ended up with New Year Cards!

So I decided that we better get rolling and get those cards started BEFORE the holidays.

My Holiday Card Family Special :  A Session just for the holiday card for just you, you and the kids, you and the dog...well - YOU get the idea.  I will do the session in the studio or in a local location to Woodland Hills or west to Thousand Oaks,  $100 print credit to get a fine art print of the image we use to create your custom folded holiday card on Fine Art Paper, The Design of the card with CUSTOM Text on the front and inside too - no cheesy fake made up stuff - and an order appointment in the studio. Order with designs on the front or plain if you prefer.  It's Your Card!

The catch is you must book and pay for the session in advance and you must schedule your session by September 30th. California Sales Tax will be added to your order at the final order appointment.  Once your deposit is received, I will call you within 48 hours to schedule your appointment  Just click the Buy Now Button to pay via Google Checkout;  Or call the studio for other payment options!