November 06, 2008


I am so excited about my studio. In all my years of shooting film - actually slide images mostly - I would take the roll of film to my lab and get back finished slides. Often, I'd pull the projector and look and then print selected images - usually smaller and then file them or put them in albums.

But digital and the computer world - and Photoshop - have changed that. Now we can take many more photos, eliminating the required lab for processing. It goes right to the computer and we can view from there. But the reality is that it's much more involved now for the photographer.

In the past, it was called Photo Finishing. The lab decided how much to expose the images and how correct for color and what sizes to use the enlarger to get the perspective.

But now, as photographers, we use computers to do much of this. We print in our studios so it's all instant. Up on the web. to see it and share it. Within minutes of pressing the shutter. We can upload right from cellphones too. And right from the camera the images aren't bad.

But the truth is, just like baking a cake, you can buy a mix and be happy with the resulting cake. But often times, to get it right, you need a professional photographer to do it. How many birthday cakes have you really baked?

I've studied so many facets of image making and art for so many years, how to light to make you look like yourself or to take the 10 pounds off that the camera puts on, or what lens to use to create that special effect. What shutter speed freezes the action and what aperture makes the background disappear? How do you analyse the light and have a glow around the bride?

I spent most my day yesterday photo finishing my images. I am creating wall pieces for my studio. Some of my images were just sitting there on the hard drive waiting to be really finished.
The light is right, the images lovely. And the delivery will be here later and my finished images will be here for posterity. I wonder what photo finishing will be like in 25 years. I will still be here, shooting babies and brides and families. I am sure my images will be there too. I know how to make that really happen. I can;t believe how much I really know about photography now. It's a full process and it take time to get it right. I will post images of the studio here as soon as the new prints arrive and go on the wall! Frames are ready for receiving the images.