November 07, 2008

My first print!

Today we cleaned out our storage unit. In my accounting business, we store records for 5 years or more and we had filled up our space. When I moved last, I put a few boxes of memorabilia in there for some reason (well, we were moving!). So going through 150 boxes with the shredding guys and I opened one of the three boxes of stuff containing my childhood memories.

One has a doll my mother made me for getting classmates autographs at 6th grade (yes - that is when we graduated grammar school then). The menu from the restaurant where I honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta in 1979 was in there and then I found my mounted prints from my high school photography class. We were learning to shoot silhouettes in the sun. Black and White. I did the developing, printing and everything....what a treasure. I wonder whatever happened to Jeff - my subject with the lavender 1968 Chevrolet Impala convertible. There were others there too. I can't wait to have a rainy day to go through all the boxes.

What other treasures in life really mean something? Don't you have to look back to see how far you've really come in life?