November 04, 2008

A new day

Yes - today is a new day. A new era in the US. Historical. Not just for the World but for each person in this world. Every day we make personal history. Even if it's just our own humdrum day of waking up, going to work or school, and coming home again. If we make it to age 90 we will have 32850 days to make personal history for ourselves.

We have momentous occasions - births of our children and granchildren, bar mitzvahs, confirmations, weddings - each creating a personal page in our own history books. None of us will see these occasions in the exact same way. As a photographer, I hope that times like these will be recorded for posterity and of course, I hope that I can be "the one" to help people remember these kinds of times.

Today is my own momentous day...I get to celebrate it with friends and family - old and new. We have lots of hope in the world today in difficult times. I hope this day of history has happiness for you in some small way and that you can share your wealth and joy with others who are without a smile.