November 15, 2008

A picture is worth....

I am a self admitted news junkie. I read more than one newspaper. I listen on the radio - some times on the Internet too - in the car frequently when I am not listening to music which is anything from Classic Rock, to Disco (yes - I like it! I like it!) and Jazz to Broadway and Classical too sometimes. You can keep the Opera and House, Trance and Rap.

Anyway, I got off track with my thoughts. The world is on fire, or so it seems. As a photographer, I love the light created by fire. It makes the most wonderful images. By the same token, images on the news are scary as all get out when you see flames lapping at the edge of society. I heard some people who lost it all today from the shelters say that they have their memories and while they have no further photos of the important images like weddings and births, the images will be in their heads forever. The former Insurance Commissioner, John Garemendi, said people should take pictures of their homes and put them somewhere safe to prove their losses to the insurance adjusters.

As a photographer, my more recent images of the last 5 years are safe on the Internet (another use of the web! - see yesterday's blog entry!. I've safeguarded my clients images for certain but not those from my childhood. They're in a box or two or three. Ready to leave at a moment's notice. We're relatively safe from fire at the moment, not in a current fire area, but we've evacuated twice. And that's scary. But we are set should one decide to come this way. We've photographed the house and inventoried our possessions. It's all replaceable...almost.

Photos to me are my most prized possession. They aren't replaceable. They're priceless. If you've lost your home and your images in these fires, I can't replace them for you. But I will be honored to gift a new one to you to start a life of new memories for you and start your new collection all over again.