November 11, 2008

Thinking about R E S P E C T

I did a beautiful boudoir shoot in my studio on Sunday with Carina. I like to call these "Naughty but Nice". I love that 1930's/1940's glam look with the lighting of George Hurrell.
When we were talking about Carina's session she was worried about how the images would be used. I am pretty progressive in my thinking about what I will shoot but if they photo doesn't have class by my definition, I won't point my lens on it. No private parts that you wouldn't want your Mom to see.
I worked in my first jobs when a boss might pat your derriere inappropriately or make suggestive disrespectful comments. I actually worked in one bank where one of the other 21 year old women and I had an agreement that if the old letch walked into the break room when the other was there, we'd go and make sure they we weren't alone with him. Both of us had unwanted advances and comments made in a time when nothing could be done. Ick.
Romance is wonderful. Much of photography is about fantasy. Being the glamour girl, or naughty. I am all for that kind of fun. It can be very memorable. Things can be implied in a photo. But there is more than meets the eye in an image. What does it say about the subject? There are a lot of emotions to express depending on the photographer, the subject and intention of the shoot. For example, I was asked to do some sexy shots by a woman I've known for years. She has some edgy shots taken maybe 15 years ago. One of them depicted her in handcuffs in a very subservient position. That image has stayed with me as being disrespectful of her. I would not want to recreate that.
I want the work that I create to be genuinely loved. I want to make people feel good about themselves. I really believe that respecting my clients is important. But also my friends and my family. On paper, on the web and in person. I think that it crosses over from day to day. Show respect to people today.
Never take away their dignity. In all that you do.