November 02, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog....

Blogging is truly an art. So much to say and yet taking it from the brain to the fingers on the keyboard requires plenty of do I interest my followers? What to talk about? The election? Not going there except to tell you that I have voted and may the best candidates win.

This week was a lot of fun for me. On Monday I was a Super Monday instructor for the Professional Photographer's of America teaching QuickBooks Accounting Software to photographers - a real blend of what I love to do - photography and yes, call me weird, accounting training. Teaching is always a two way street - I often come out the other side of a session knowing that I too have learned something new.

I've spent a glorious weekend doing nothing but thinking and taking things easy. My beach shoot was canceled because of heavy downpour. Three small wet children in the rain at the beach with a wet labrador retriever would not make a pretty image for above the fireplace. I listened to my French Lesson CD for my upcoming trip to Paris so that I can speak enough to order a good meal, find my location and have a good time creating some fine art and even drinking some fine champagne. Let's not forget the inspiration that I will have from visits to the Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay and just walking the sites and inhaling the culture of France.

I planned out some changes to my website, some shooting for this week (ooh la la - see? studied my French!) with a boudior (more French!) in my studio, the kids at the beach and some pets in between.

Sigh...and somewhere in this week I have to visit the DMV so their photographer (can you call them that?) can take a new portrait of me for my license. Maybe everyone will be at the polls on Tuesday. On Wednesday my license expires...can you all sing the Sheriff John's Birthday Song for me?