November 14, 2008

What has the Internet done for you lately?

I was reading today about using social networking sites and how people are using the Internet. They aren't calling like they used to do. But they are sending text and alerts and between cellphones and the 'net they are communicating.

We just left our favorite restaurant and the hostess, who was almost done with her shift for the evening was texting someone. Phones are Internet capable - we can shop and chat and research. My phone - a Palm - has more applications than my first computer. I can write a book on it if I want, carry spreadsheets and photos on it. And I can email them - right away.

12 years ago we had "Bulletin Boards" - putting an image on there required you to go to Kinko's and get your picture scanned into a jpg, whatever that was. People were thinking about dating put up a photo and a short ad. That's was it. Now you can take your photo with a cell phone and post it instantly.

Why do I know that it was 12 years ago? I did that and met my husband, Frank. We didn't have photos and I almost didn't respond to his ad that said he was honest and sincere. Actually, I did pass his ad by but went back to respond. If he had a photo up, I wonder if I would be sitting here today. Since the time he announced his honesty and I took him up on his sincerity, I've come to be lost without connectivity via the net. Over the years, I've purchased many things including a car, made many friends, travelled both virtually and literally all because of this technology. Business is lost without the net - I paid bills today, chatted with customers and friends. I stopped in to view the web cam where there are puppies who are new were playing.

Oh, and via the net, I have a few communities of people who I have never met. I have friends from all over and I can chat daily. But just a bunch of words isn't all. We need photos too. We're visual. We still need face time. Is this the old front yard where we visited our neighbors on a walk to the grocery? I can grocery shop on the net even.

What incredible technology that lets us do all this.