December 23, 2008


Sometimes some one passes a word our way that sparks us into action. Maybe it's something for self improvement, like a comment about how we look (Oh my - did you gain weight?) or how we have behaved (I can't believe you said that!) . Hopefully we might change our actions and behaviors to avoid the comment again in the future.

Or sometimes you hear a story about someone that you can help somehow. Some one hungry or someone undergoing some medical care. Or this week in my Accounting Life (my other business), I heard about a promotion that virtually made accounting software free and I was able to share how to get it with a group of fellow photographers. My count is they saved collectively about $10,000 or even more since I won't hear exactly.

In life, we have these triggers that move us into action, regardless. What they really are are opportunities. They open doors for us and for others. We behave in new ways, or we take action to do something for someone. Maybe if we are in business we market more. Or we try to save money. Or maybe we realize our circumstances and blessings. They can be life changing or they can be little niceties.

Look for them. You just never know. Take action. Make things happen. I try to do that. Be passionate about all you do.