January 13, 2009

It's all in the attitude

Oh today I got my nails done and I was showing my manicurist, Dawn, my Facebook application on my Palm Centro. As much as a gear geek as I am, I hadn't realized that I could see my posted photos there as I can on my website. Something else fun to be excited about! So I explored some more on Facebook.

My Dentist's wife, Debbie came by to meet me today. I photographed her puppy, Max and her husband gave her a huge canvas. She came to see my studio. I got to show her my work and was happy she came to meet me. I was excited to hear they hung Max in the Living Room (well, Max's Gallery Wrap - not Max)

Someone said to me today, you get so excited about all these little things. Yes, I do and I run with it. Give me a lead to someone who wants a photo taken, yes - I am excited about it. Oh, today, I talked to a small ad agency who will be booking me to shoot headshots for some of their corporate clients! YAY! Book an airline ticket - yes, means I am going somewhere. A visit from a puppy, yes, puppies are happiness.

So today's motto is to think about all the happy things worth getting excited about. Be grateful. It's good and it will make you smile. Isn't that what you need for a great photo is a good smile? It comes from inside - it's all in the attitude!