January 08, 2009

Little things....so many of them

My husband is a stickler for having a place for everything and everything in it's place. I am a neatnik too, but, I have my fingers in so many pies that sometimes there's just not time to do it all and be everywhere. He leaves me his little hints when there is too much clutter in his vision.

But this is a new year. Everything is clean. So much to do. In January, it's lots of business stuff to work on. I worked on my own bookkeeping today and did some file cleanup as well as worked on clients stuff too. When I got home I found a small pile of little things that had been moved to get my attention and I put them back in their appointed spots.

I was thinking about all the little tiny things that we use in photography. I have more kinds of cords and wires that make the cameras talk to the lights and the remotes and even the computers. There are filters and gels and caps and eyepieces and bungees and clips and clamps. There are frame corners and mounting squares. Brads and sawtooth hangers and clips. Oh and the points that hold the images in the wood frames. There are ends of poles and quick release plates and batteries - big and smaller. Screws, nuts and bolts. Contracts and papers and order forms and album spec sheets and 10 kinds of finishes to photos with 20 kinds of mountings. I have sheets of foam paper and glassine envelopes. And frames piled against a wall to get filled with beautiful images.

So much stuff. Can we make it simple? Where will it all go and how can I remember where it is! It doesn't matter. I have the answers because I have all the shelves, boxes, cabinets and files to hold it all.

And then the telephone rings and it's a bride with lots of questions. Suddenly, none of this is important. Until I need them to make her remember that special day this coming summer last forever in her heart.