January 31, 2009

So much going on....

Sorry I zoned out of the blog world for a bit. I've been crunching numbers which is something I've done since I am 15! (see my other world at www.quickbooksqueen.com).

Anyway, I am pretty excited I am shooting a proposal on the beach tomorrow. Today, I bought the latest and greatest of cameras for event and portrait photographers - at least until the next latest and greatest comes out. I know how to use it but it's new and until I test it I'd never use it for something that can't be repeated. I want to know each button and control item blindfolded. I can do that on my older and back up cameras. So my new toy will wait for me. Besides, it's not ready for prime time.

I think that there is enough going on in our lives that a new piece of gear could be just the ticket to a problem and I am conservative enough to hold out. It's not about flashing a new toy. It's about someone Else's moment.

My goal is to give each of my clients my very best. No matter what hat I am wearing - accounting or photographer. I hope to never let anyone down.