January 15, 2009

This is fun

I am having so much fun...I have things up my sleeve.

We were going to paint and carpet (I love to decorate) our Accounting Office since I am transitioning to work in my studio full time. Well, the building manager came in to discuss our timetable with us...yes, we were going to do this mid-tax season .and if you've ever painted and carpeted a place you are living in you know that it's easier just to move...and he came up with another space for us...and even better...it's next door to the studio. That means when I grow my studio, I can just move the accounting office elsewhere because I can take over the space next door.

And yesterday, I met with the Banquet Manager for a chi-chi place where I've photographed and I am on the referral list there now.

I love when plans start coming together and things start happening...how cool is that?