March 25, 2009

Netwokring and learning and shopping and sharing!

This week I had the pleasure of networking with my peers - a lot! I went to the PPC - Professional Photographer's of California conference in Pasadena. I met another photographer in my studio to chat and have coffee and get to know her.

The PPC Conference is a mini-shopping experience for photographers with many things to buy/learn and experience at the trade show. I modified my new camera so that when I look through the viewfinder I will know what size the image will fit when I print it - something I always wanted to do to my camera. I ordered some display items and I networked with some of my peers. Networking is always a good thing. Maybe I meet with a client and the style they want is different than mine, I have a list of people to refer to that I trust. Maybe I need a second shooter or need help testing a new idea or trying a new technique. I have always been willing to work with and share in my world. When I started my Business Management firm, I took many of my competitors to lunch and asked for candid comments. I learned a lot. And I still love the learning aspect of photography.

The big thrill was being able to show some of my work. One of the vendors there asked me to bring some of my prints - BIG. I did bring them. They were displayed for a while and then someone realized there was a legal glitch to showing my images so they were given back to me. I was able to share my work - a bride, a boudoir and maternity print - with many others and then to a few close photographer friends. It was a big thrill to me to see my images there.

What an honor. Not only for me to be there but to have my opinion listened to by others in my industry. How lucky we are to have each other and to share what we know. I love that!