March 05, 2009

Things I found

When we were moving I cleaned out my desks. I still have to put it all away and it will take a few weeks since I am also going to the Santa Fe Workshops to take a class in using Photoshop next week.

One of the things I found were some treasured family heirlooms - photographs of my grandparents at Venice Beach - The original Muscle Beach - in the 1920's and my grandfather's 6 siblings in the mid 1950's. And my grandfather's Bar Mitzvah photos from 1913. I also found some snapshots of me with my own brother and sister from 1975 or so.

That got me thinking about what we treasure most. I thought about the people who have had calamities and the first thing they talk about trying to save are the old photographs, family albums and treasured memories.

So when was the last time you documented for your family those things that they will treasure generations from now? I'd love to help you create that special time in print when your husband, wife or child looked that special way at you. What about that dog that has idolized you all these years? Even if you are affected by our economic state, things will change and you might miss out. Don't wait until it's too late to capture the missing front tooth, the tail that wags and the glint in your spouses eye.