March 05, 2009

We moved!

We moved offices. My studio has an office, but, I rarely used it. My husband's office and my former office were in the same building. We were going to carpet and paint and renew the lease. But if you've ever recarpeted and painted in a place you've lived in it's a lot of extra effort. So in discussion with the building manager about how we have no where to put our stuff (it's been 7 years of stuff collection which is a lot of paper clips hiding behind the desk) while the paint and carpet. He said the space next to the studio is available and his constructon crew was free - we could have a whole new space created just for us. So the whirlwind of building, painting, carpeting and -= yikes - moving has occurred.

So i am now officially working full time in my studio. I have a lot to do there to make it what I want it to be. Lots to rearrange and put away. Frank's office is all settled - I designed the space and put his things where they go and hung the pictures on the walls, although I have to decide what photographs to put up and print and frame. Which I am doing in the studio as well. Come by and say hi. I'd love to show you our new spots.