April 03, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came to visit!

I love being busy. Some of my friends wonder how I get it all done. I thrive on it. But I also need to remember to smell the roses and get out in nature too.

Yesterday was a great example. I worked at home - We had a plumber come to the house to put a Gas Shutoff Valve on the gas meter thanks to our fighterfighter neighbor who was doing that to his house. (a reminder that we all need to be prepared). And while I was there I was preparing images for printing, creating a promotion for some boudoir work and a gift certificate program for another portrait program, and a proposal to shoot a wedding this summer. The plumber was making noise outside and I went to see what he was doing when I spotted a baby rabbit on the lawn. It was the size of a mouse. His little ears were the size of my baby finger. He was having his breakfast of freshly watered lawn. My camera was next to my desk and off I scampered to take a few quick snapshots. When I came back, Baby Bugs was still there munching and he let me within a few feet for his photo opportunity before deciding that I was not to be trusted and ran off behind the air conditioning compressor. In between tasks, I went to see if he returned and he did. I changed lenses so that I could get a closeup and since it's Easter week, well I can truly show you that the Easter Bunny really came to my house.