April 25, 2009

Gaffer's Tape

Today I worked on framing some images. They say to measure twice and cut once. I had placed the photo in the mat but planned to affix the photo to the mat when I finished the frame. Yikes! I forgot to do that, finished the frame, put the wire and paper backing on it and when I turned it over, remembered that I had to take it apart to start over.

I am one of those anal people who checks and double checks but I wasn't mad at myself. I used it as a lesson for myself. I got to rearrange my workroom a bit; And I was really happy with the revision to the frame. I tried a new technique. It worked.

Not often we get to start a job all over. Some things you can't do over and other things you would not want to do over if you could. So just as with woodworking, we need to measure our words twice and say them just once. It's not like gaffer's tape. You can't do all things without leaving some residue behind.