April 16, 2009

How Small the World is Now

Growing up in West Los Angeles, it seemed to me that everyone knew everyone. You walked down the street and we all knew one another. I lived in a neighborhood where there were houses and apartments and we all moved every few years within the neighborhood. Many of the kids I started school with in Kindergarten graduated high school with me. Then we grew up most of us moved. Lots of us are still in touch with each other which is really fun. Other than Family, there is a core group of women that I am in touch with who've known me since I am 4 or 5. We move in and out of periods of friendship and when we get together it's as if we never left. Some of us were Girl Scouts or Campfire Girls/Bluebirds together. A few of us are connected at facebook now and it's like we never moved away from the neighborhood. We chat - even in those one liners. Today, my friend from Junior High posted some photos of Junior High Graduation ...just like we never skipped all those years. All those smiling 14 year olds moving on to the next era of life.

How warm and fuzzy that feels. I love those old connections we have in life that make us feel like we never left the neighborhood. Just today, we lock the doors all the time and we have to go online to peer into the lives of people who are interwoven with common threads. In today's world we connect, not so much as yelling down the sidewalk, but by telephone - some and internet - a lot. I have newer friends that are like family I met in the neighborhood too. The new neighborhood is the internet. I've met a bunch of them in person. In my travels, and just like the kids that walked to school, we visit every day. I have photos of these people too. They are just as close as my keyboard or cellphone.

The world has become so so small. I chatted with my friend Cem yesterday from London. He was working there for the day and on his way home to Holland. Yes. We have one big neighborhood now. Oh - This is my Jr High Clique - I am the 2nd one from the left! Look at all of us with our cameras!