April 09, 2009

Life is a process

I am editing and creating an album - it's for a baby - Taylor Matthew, and it's mostly black and white with some color pages too. Mom and Dad are a dream to work with (shh...we are thinking about a little extra gift to give them for being such great clients to work with!)

Taylor was born in October and we did photos of his mom and dad when they were waiting for his arrival too. We didn't get to shoot him until he was about 2 months old and now we are finally starting his album. It's going to match the Expecting Him album. I can't believe it's take this long to get choices made. Then it will take about 6 weeks for the books to arrive after they are approved.

Why does it take so long? Life happens - Mom was adjusting to the new lifestyle of waking up at night, New Yea/end of year and going back to work, I went on vacation when they were ready and here we are! As long as there is momentum we are good to keep moving.

My ideal is to do a shoot, edit it within the week and be ready to select images for products - canvas, metal, albums, cards and much more the second week. I need my clients help to make that happen and cooperation from my great vendors.

I can't wait to get the books send out for delivery back. Opening the boxes is a like getting a gift. It's one of the best parts of the process.