May 06, 2009

Random Thoughts....

I had such a good day today. First, the good news! I have had braces since December 2007 and they came off today! I was thinking about all the cute little children (I went on location to shoot at a preschool - 14 children from 6 months to age 5) I got to photograph last week. You can't tell a child from age 3 to 7 to smile because you get that fake kids smile. So if you see an adult walking around Woodland Hills this week like that - it's me and please say hi! Yes, I am smiling just like the grill of a 1950 something model Buick Grill!.

Something else that I thought fun was that I ordered a beautiful leather photo album of Ellie - she's on my website and I have been following it's shipping progress. It left Italy on Monday and it will be in Woodland Hills on Friday via Germany, France, and Philadelphia. Not going first class in the hold of a cargo plane, but fun to follow I think. I will have to take some photos of the album and post them here on my blog.

Second, if you are following me on Twitter(chatkat) Facebook(kathyrappaport), you will know that I was one of the official photographers for Big Sunday ( I got to photograph over 400 people volunteering while they worked really hard to make the community a better place. Homebound Senior Citizens were gifted with flowers hand made in paper flower pots, letters were written for soldiers in Iraq delivered by Operation Gratitude, Brownies (as in Girl Scouts) and Rotarians ( food to go to Rescate and dogs benefited by food/toy and blanket donations at the Agoura Animal Shelter. That was the really big feel good this week.

I hope you will feel good in the sea of all things happening. If you aren't call me and I will try to make you smile!