June 10, 2009

Give me some Love!

I love visitors to my studio. I am so proud of how beautiful it is.

Tomorrow I am hosting a Launch Party for a networking and referral group that will meet here twice a month for resource sharing. The attendees will be mostly women who will be coming from Thousand Oaks to Simi Valley to Woodland Hills and Beyond. I am so excited that they will see my photography!

I did have a few visitors today who came to see my work and meet me and a client who picked up her engagement photos and who looked at the assorted albums I offer. She loved them and the studio's decor and ambience.

I love visitors to my website and blog. Yesterday I had a visitor to my website looking for a certain type of event photography - which I have done but not made prominent. Some photographers think you must have your website show only specific kinds of photography - for example if you do weddings then your website should be all about weddings and that is all you should do and display.

For me that would be like only eating Chicken every day. It's good. I like eating chicken in a variety of ways, but I love to eat all kinds of cuisine. The same thing goes with my photography. I love to make images of people, place and things. I think you can tell a story about all of the above. I don't think that if you are a really good photographer that shoots weddings and bar mitzvahs and portraits that you also cannot be creative shooting babies, maternity, boudoir photography and even products.

If you were to meet me and get to see my enthusiam and know that I have spent my adult life breathing all the facets of photography from Flash to Location Lighting to posing and creativity you would know that I work hard and happily making a banquet of images for peoples viewing pleasure! What I do is capture a time and a moment and emotions in people - be it at an event, a wedding, an engagement or in my studio - from birth to old age.

Show me the love....let me capture the expression and the moment for generations.

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