June 08, 2009


I have been tweeting on Twitter and friending on Facebook; I chat here and there and have my Internet connected friends texting me. I get way more emails than I do phone calls these days. Because of the Internet my circle of friends has really expanded. Not just on the social sites, but, I have met many new people in person.

The most important of course is my husband that met me via the internet way before there was a match.com or jdate. I've spent time with my friend who lives in Holland but is Turkish both in Los Angeles and in Belgium and Amsterdam. I've run into people I know in Dover, England and in France and Italy..not to mention Hawaii. It's funny to have someone calling your name while you don't expect to know a soul.

So in the social scheme, I wondered how many people find me. It's always good to know who is reading your musings about photography from the photographer in Woodland Hills. So if you're reading this please take a moment and comment and say hi or follow me or friend me! I'd like that. Maybe we'd even get to meet in person sometime.

Until next time,


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