July 09, 2009

Blogging and Tweeting and Shooting - Oh My!

There are so many hats to wear as a photographer - sales and marketing, the business of photography, pricing things, shooting things, finishing things. Albums to make, prints to finish and order. Prepping for shooting, finding locations and visiting venues. Of course in all this - the customer comes first. Without being organized it would be easy to drop the ball!

So which ball is dropped first? Well for me it's usually my blog so I am not going to drop the ball today. I have a lot of exciting stuff going on.

A couple weeks ago, I shot Jennifer and Tommy's wedding at the beautiful Santa Anita Church. It was so sweet. He proposed and they wanted to get married the same week. Her parents put together a beautiful wedding in a month's time, and you'd never guess that! The reason for the rush was that her grandfather has been sick and Jenn did not dream of having a wedding if he couldn't be there. I had so much fun and I have fallen in love with her little nephew, Errico. All the kids wee so cute. But Errico wanted to add some of his own flowers to the cake. Congratulations, Jenn and Tommy!

I also did a shoot of a very special young lady, Jasmine. Jasmine is my husband's granddaughter and she's 7. We love spending time with her and there are usually a lot of other people around. No time for portraits. But, she came to spend the 4th with us and aside from going to the Hollywood Bowl, I planned to have a good time creating some portraits we could cherish. We took photos at the Hollywood Bowl, some in our home and some at one of my favorite shooting spots. This is one of my favorite from the Hollywood Bowl series. Besides being sweet and smart...those blue eyes are captivating!

And to top it all off, I have been invited to speak a few times for several photographer's groups. As a Certified QuickBooks advisor and business consultant (something I have done for 20 years) I am going to teach some workshops on the business and finances of being a photographer and running a business.

All my passions in one blog (well, not quite but a few). But stay tuned...there's more. But not today. I will have to be more chatty here. I better get some beauty rest. I have a wedding on Saturday - another Jennifer and her groom Jason. Stay tuned...I will be back to tell you more!