July 23, 2009

It's almost weekend - fill yourself with the Arts!

It's almost weekend. Tomorrow night I am going to the Hollywood Bowl - my favorite summer Los Angeles Experience. My husband bought season tickets for four seats many years ago and we've agreed that we'd never give them up. Often, I bring my camera once or twice a season, which for us is usually five concerts on Fridays. Sometimes, we will add an extra here or there and the 4Th of July. We are going to take my friend who gave me a gift of my first Photography Class at the Santa Fe Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A great place to learn and absorb photography. The teacher of that class, Sarah Meghan Lee encouraged me to become a professional photographer several years ago.

The second series of things we do as a season is go to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plana's Cabrillo Music Theatre. We've subscribed to their three productions (now 4 or 5) since we moved to Westlake Village. In 2005, our Dog Daisy was chosen to be Toto in the award winning production of Wizard of Oz. We got to train Daisy and have Dorothy stay over our house to get used to working with dogs.

Why do I tell you about this: Art breeds art...All kinds of Art! Including Photography. As an artist, we thrive on our senses being filled. It gives us creativity to go and see and hear and delight on sounds and visuals of dance, songs we can sing in our hearts and minds and out loud too.

So fill your weekends with art of some kind or another. Keep singing a happy tune.