July 25, 2009

Some Basic Photography Tips: Snapshots!

Yesterday, at the Hollywood Bowl, I used my Palm Centro to take a few snaps of the Hollywood Bowl stage from my seat. I love how they take the shell and add a few colors and change it during the performances. I uploaded to Facebook (www.facebook.con/Laportraitphotographer) within minutes so you could see it almost live.

As a Professional Photographer, I've gotten very selective about what I like to post and the quality of my images. When I went on Facebook later from my desktop computer, I remembered why I rarely like to use my phone for photography. While it captures a quick moment, the quality isn't there. The image was fuzzy - what do you expect from an lens with little in the way of optics? The camera is held at a funny angle, distorting the angle of view and it's just all around not a very quality image.

There are several aspects of photography that are very important - mainly the lighting, the composition and the finishing of the image. With a Palm device, the lighting is a small flash and it blows out the image - the color is off and grainy. The composition can only be what you point at - and sometimes it has to be angled. And there is no finishing.

So when you select a camera to carry with you all the time, these are things to remember. When you use your cell for photography - you just won't get something worth more than a fleeting moment. Next I will chat about the next level of shooting.