July 20, 2009

Update of the day...

Lots of news besides the 107 temps that were recorded by my little Mini Cooper's thermometer today in Woodland Hills.

First, I had a great wedding at The Scarlett Belle Paddlewheel Boat last weekend in the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard. Jennifer and Jason got married. I also shot their engagement a few months ago. They are so cute together. You can really feel their love for one another. My favorite moment in the ceremony was during the ring exchange when he surprised her with a tattoo of her name right where the ring would be.

Second, I've been out and about networking and I am an official card carrying member of the Woodland Hills/Tarzana Chamber of Commerce. They have so many great ways to be involved in the community. If you see someone with a camera at one of the events, it very well could be ME!

On that note, I have a short talk I am giving for The Warner Center Business Professionals. I am talking about a topic close to the hearts of many photographers - Image. And it's not about me making them but about business people and what their images say about them. When we are out in the world we need to put our best faces forward in all we do. That includes when we're out social networking on FaceBook, Twitter and in person too. Not just for pictures, but our whole person is part of our image. When I create a photograph of you, well, it's only a small part of who you are that shows.

And to work on my own image, I have lost a few pounds working out to improve myself. Working out with my trainer, Chris Rudy feels just great. I'm in about my third month of serious workouts. I can really do some good crunches!

And for those of you who check in to my website, well, while I make me over, I am making over a bit of my website too. Stay Tuned!

So go out and show your best side to the world. We have a lot to give back.