August 05, 2009

Beauty and the Buick

My sister finally cleaned out some of the photos my mother took with her Kodak Brownie - my official first camera. I now have a big envelope of treasured snapshots from being a kid!

That camera required film that you unrolled and had two round spindles to roll the film when you turned the dial to rewind. When you unloaded or reloaded you risked getting light marks and over exposing the edges of the negative. We never bought color film for it - too expensive and not available. We didn't use it too often - just special occasions. I don't know what was special about this day - my hair was set with metal curlers when there was something going on. While the photo doesn't meet the standard of what I take and sell, it's from a group of my most prized possessions. I won't bore you with the whole envelope of images. But I will remind you to take those old photos out and cherish them now and then. After all, there was a lot of prep just for this snapshot. I bet there are not many people reading this that have ever slept with metal curlers in their hair (torture in the interest of being beautiful or as Mom said Beauty sometimes hurts ?!?).

Wishing you some great memories and beauty without discomfort!