August 23, 2009

Make Someone's Day today!

We live in a very busy world. At least it seems that way. Often times, we have more on our plates than we realize. We have to remember to do good things and take good care of ourselves. Eat right, get rest, play hard, exercise, take care of our spiritual needs and have inner peace. We thank ourselves and feel good when we do that for us.

Something we often miss out on is being kind to others. We need to remind ourselves in our busy world to say "thank you for a job well done" or to tell those around us "You did a great job" or even "I am glad you are in my life". If a stranger is kind to us, show appreciation. Someone hold a door open for you or give up a seat for you? If the grocery clerk goes out of the way to help you find the obscure item you wanted, tell their manager - let them know. Send a letter or a card to someone you are thinking of. Have some knowledge that will help someone else out? Share it.

I got several nice comments about some photography work that I did that have stayed with me. I love comments on my website and on my blog. We love when we do good photography and our clients appreciate our efforts. We always want to make our clients look good. In turn, I am the one who got some appreciation and when we feel good we want to do more of the same - for other people.

The dog is a great example - their mission is generally to please other people. When you reward them with attention - a scratch on the ear or a pat on the back - they wag their tail, most of the time. People wag their tail too - in other ways.

Pay it forward! Go out of your way to make someone else feel good - tell them you like their tie, the dress or shoes or their smile. Let them know they are having a good hair day too. Leave little crumbs of goodness - smile at a stranger, hug someone you love and tell them. Do a kindness - give a dollar to a charity (or more if you have it!).

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