September 07, 2009

In my heart and mind

I hate it when I take time off to play...and every where I look I see a photograph in my mind's eye. And I have no camera to record the scene or moment.

This weekend was Labor day. We had plans to visit with Dorene and Barry - our good friends, who have a little spot to spend weekends in Santa Barbara. So yesterday we went up to hang out, play bridge (we met them in a bridge class on a cruise and play cards with them and take lessons regularly!). We walked the art show, had lunch on State Street at Holdren's who has a great menu with lots of good choices, we relaxed and walked a few miles of Cabrillo Blvd. which lines the beachfront. I also made a trek to Samy's Camera and bought a few needed supplies and a few impulse purchases too (like a cinnamon color backdrop to go with leopard prints for my  boudoir photography when black won't due!). We had tried to have an over night but our dog sitter couldn't stay the night so we came home, went to sleep and took care of the puppies and went back while our dog sitter came in to see and play during the day.

Anyway, I saw so many scenes all day for two days. People on bikes and rented Surreys, birds on the water and in the grass at the Ventura Harbor - with a sea lion and a seal in the harbor, kids and toddler's just being themselves. Joggers, Volleyball players, street performers, Pelicans, Egrets, A giant sea gull was standing on the roof of a huge Escalade - taking a ride; Kayaks, Parasailers, Brides on the Beach, Skateboarders.  Fish and crabs - on the rocks near the beach. People holding hands, The water was beautiful and Sterns Wharf bathed in just the right light. Palm Trees in a good light and at an angle unique to my vision of them. Fences - worn and weathered. Lover's trapped in their own world. Dogs walking down the beach. Buildings with sun drenched facades and colorful embellishments. Water - reflecting birds, boats, and more. Much more.

Sometimes it's good to see and put the camera down. Next time I shoot this week, I should be full of inspiration. But I am sure I am going back to Santa Barbara very soon with my camera in hand and close to my heart. Just like the young girl who's lover is away, I felt a pang of longing and missing something today but in my knowledge of myself, I know that I will be reunited with my soul mate again later shooting kids, dogs, portraits, a wedding and even my album collection are on the calendar this week. Maybe you reading this will be the beneficiary of my passion.

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