September 25, 2009

It's in the blood

Well, we've arrived in Washington D.C to celebrate my husband's birthday. He hadn't been here since he was 7 or so and I thought it'd be a great surprise to bring him here. I love this city - vibrant and alive and filled with history. Being here, no matter your political affilliation just makes you proud to be here and be an American.

I have been here on business twice before and both times it was part of my duty as President of The Ventura County Chapter of The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).  As President, I was invited to participate in discussions on Small Business issues with Pres. Bush's advisors at the SBA and we were invited to The White House. It was quite an honor. We were not allowed to bring cameras (sniff). The inside of the Executive Offices were amazing. And even though that was about 5 years ago, well, I will never forget the honor.

What is funny, is I kept telling Frank that our hotel was in the same neighborhood as where I stayed before. We walked to dinner yesterday and I couldn't find it but I was sure the drug store we stopped in for water and essentials was the same one as the one I was in before. I asked the concierge where that other hotel was and found out that it was the same hotel I am staying in. Just remodelled and rebranded. I picked it because the area was convenient. That was too funny. No wonder I was thinking how similar the structure was. I can't believe that. Deja Vu!

We dined at Old Ebbitt Grill - a tradtion for great food and drinks and people. Today we saw the National Mall, The Lincoln Memorial, The Vietnam Memorial Wall, The Korean War Memorial and of Course the Captial Building and White House - among many other things, like The Ruby Slippers, Julia Child's Kitchen, Ball Gowns of the First Ladies and Archie Bunker's Chair.

But here is the thing I wanted to tell you about:  I left my cameras home.  I have NEVER done that on purpose. But this time I did. Part of me is seeing things I want to snap - I did bring a small snapshot  camera and I have taken tourist pix. But this trip is a gift to my husband. And I wanted to devote my time to him. This wasn't for me - this trip was his gift. And if  I was looking for photographs, I wouldn't be present for him and his enjoyment. I did forget to buy him a Birthday Card. But I am giving him a gift he will not forget in all the travels we've done. I have never left my camera. I do have tomorrow to buy him a card (or I could give him the one that I bought at the American History Museum - Wizard of Oz Themed) 

Happy Birthday Frankie.

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