September 19, 2009

The Race for The Cure

Well, not really the race for the cure but my mind has been racing all day with ideas for all kinds of things. I guess I am on a bit of a roll.

I got an invitation from The John Wayne Cancer Center's Annual Membership Luncheon at the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel. I donated a session and framed image to them last year for the fund raising effort and I was very happy with the amount of money that was raised for my effort. So my thoughts were, well - that was only one session. Maybe there is a way I could donate a day for more sessions when someone had a link to - exactly what I was thinking.

So, while I have not finished with the John Wayne Cancer Center at UCLA's idea, I have decided to shoot all day on October 11th in my studio to donate 100% of my mini session fees for the day and donate to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  The mini portrait experience session fee will be $100 for 15 minutes of camera  time. Better than that...we are going to have a lot of fun doing this and we are going to do something good towards finding a cure, Hopefully, the cure will be not only for Breast Cancer but all the various cancers out there.

Please come out and support me and my friends that day. We will have so much fun it won't be forgotten. Bring your kids, your spouses, your dogs (on leash) and your smiles!

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