December 12, 2009

Merry Hanukkah and Happy Christmas

I am here in the studio and I am surrounded by presents. Not for me but created by me. It's pouring rain and the studio is filled with boxes of things being picked up this week for holiday giving.  My shooting space is filled with remains of shipping cartons that need to go out to the recycle bin but it's raining too hard to go back there. I have boxes of holiday cards waiting to be picked up and they'll be mailed this week I am sure.

This time of year is special. For many families, holidays are special times where we get together and relish one another.

For some families, the days are hard because there are so many expectations of what this time of year means and people don't see eye to eye. My hope is that for those who have those feelings, that this year is a time to heal.

For those without a family, I would hope you will make one and adopt a family or a person to be your family even for just one day.  If that is too much, go give a gift of your self by finding a project to make someone feel special.  The real gift will not be something in a box or a bag but the gift will be in your heart.

Let's celebrate this season with gifts from the heart.

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