December 27, 2009

Old Things are New again

I bought my 1st digital camera about 2001 - that means I have been a digital photographer 9 years and my film cameras are older than that. At first, I didn't know much about using software so it was a point and shoot camera. 1 Mega-pixels. And I used film - actually Slide film to do any important photography.

Yesterday, we bought a new backup camera for my portrait studio and a fine art printer for my travel and fine art photography. When we left Samy's Camera, I rang up my purchases up in the camera department and I'd meant to buy film. And today I had to go back because they sold me the wrong ink cartridges. They were really nice exchanging the ink package at no charge because it was their fault for selling me the wrong stuff and what I was supposed to buy was $50 more! Yay, Samy's!

I think of my photography equipment as my "toys" and so my toy chest has most of what I want. We photographers always have "GAS" - Gear Acquisition Syndrome because it's a constant thing that there are newer and the latest and greatest. It's very expensive to get too caught up in continually buying new stuff without a budget and a plan.

But the $12.00 best purchase I bought is the two rolls of film I got. I am going to work on a series of black and white images and a roll of color too. I'll have to be patient. It's going to take a few days to see if I got the shots I wanted. I am looking forward to dusting off the old cameras and using my newer lens on the old camera bodies And the old feeling of anticipation while I wait for the film to come back from the lab.  In the meantime, I will play with the new printer..

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