January 18, 2010

Shooting with the end in mind!

When you are working with a photographer there are several things to think about and to ask questions about.

The first thing you want to think about is why you are shooting. If it's for a portrait or a commercial shoot or a wedding you will want to discuss the location - the studio, a park, the beach - there's make up, wardrobe, timing, the purpose and what you want at the end of the shoot. Just like a script gets written, so does your photo session have a plan. It's not only my job to create the ambiance, but also all the details and then plan the lighting that's right and then photograph for a final result that you will adore. Let's not forget the fun experience too. I love all the planning and getting to know you and make it perfect.

Well, you might be thinking that you want a portrait to give your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. Or maybe you want to have some photos of the kids because they are at an age where everything they do is cute. Or you need headshots for dating or for business. At that point it's time to consult and plan the session so you get the final photos that you are dreaming about.

If we are doing a Naughty but Nice Boudoir session, we want to arrange for hair and makeup. Wardrobe is important. I might say bring two or three or more outfits. Bring colors that go with the room you want to put the photos in. Don't wear red if your primary color at home is green. If your house is very French Country you won't want to necessarily dress in shorts and do a beach session.  Every session has a style. So do you. We want to reflect who you are in the session. I am not putting you in feathers and lace if it's not you. You might need pearls. Plaids and stripes and prints can be tricky or they might be ideal to tell your story.

Then there is what you are going to do with the photos. I've already shopped for you. My job is not only to make you look good but to make you look your best where ever you will be - on a website, in an album or on the wall or desk. Your photo reflects a message about you. Maybe there will be an album for your family to cherish for years. Or the sign in board for the wedding from your engagement. Or you photo will be on the wall for his eyes only in a little  black book.  Do you like Sepia tones or Black and White? A Mix or just color. We have signature products and finishes to your photos. There are collections of products or just the one you want. This applies to a day of your life, a wedding, your pets, your children and multigenerational family or even your newborn.

Let's plan what's perfect for you. Let's create something that you and your loved ones will remember always and forever.

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