February 26, 2010

The Power of Many

I am very excited that next week I will be networking with 1000's of my competitors. In Las Vegas will be the largest Portrait and Wedding Photography trade show and conference.  No where else have I seen in business people willing to help people achieve and support than I do in the world as Photographers seem to do. We teach each other about technique, software and business.

Business has always been exciting for me as an entrepreneur. I have networked in my careers as a Banker, Bookkeeper and Tax Professional and now as a Photographer. I have won a number of awards for connecting people. It is interesting to me in that world to make connections for others. Be it one person sharing with their colleague or a client looking for a Party/Event planner,  makeup artist, hairstylist, florist, a venue or invitation person.  I have always loved connecting people and creating a fit. Very much like a matchmaker. Just like dating sometimes there are people who fit and once in a while they don't.

The power of connecting people is amazing. Not only in a financial sense do people get rewards for connecting but sometimes we have people we know that make a difference for others.  It feels good when you hear about someone that has a need and it gets filled because you fit two people together. A photographer I know is training for a triathlon which will raise money for charity. She asked for sponsors and when I saw the charity, I connected her with another friend who is on the board of that charity. Maybe it will be something bigger for both of them.  You just don't know.

I want to urge you to find a need that someone has - be it for business or friendship. Seize an opportunity for someone else. Zig Ziglar said you can have everything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want.  I wish you the power of many connections.

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