March 11, 2010

5 Days - and 360 to go!

Just like a car needs gas, creativity needs inspiration.  I need to fill up and top off to make my photography be the best it can be.  When I hold  my camera, I want each image to be better than the last one.  When I do a session, I want the last image to be the very best.

This morning I am packing back up to head for home from Las Vegas and the Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International Show at the MGM Grand.  There were 14,000 photographers that attended this annual event, 300 vendors from Labs, Album Companies, Lighting and Grip and Gear and Software suppliers. You can buy Props, Backgrounds, Clothing just for studios and even lingerie for the Boudoir Studio. There are workshops and books to buy.  I bought a  light system to use for a mobile studio, a camera strap, a book and some software that is an upgrade to some that I already have.  I go with a budget in mind and I came in below what I planned to spend.

I went to two "Master" Classes that were Boudoir classes with very different styles of photography and one on Children's Photography that wasn't much about photography but on communication with people. I went to  a few Platform classes with as many at 1000 in the room. One was quite emotional and I will blog about it in my next post.

Those of you that know me well know that I am a pretty good networker and I did that well. I walked the very long distance several times a day and in the 15 minute walk made some wonderful connections. I sat in classes and in restaurants and walked the tradeshow connecting with other photographers and vendors. I invited others, now friends, to dine with me and I even arranged a get together for a photographer community that I am a member of.

The real treasures that I am bringing home are some new friendships and relationships with my fellow photographers. I really can't wait to see what this next year fosters. I think some great things are on the horizon. And I have had enough for this year but I am eager to return again next year.

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