March 03, 2010

Never say Never

For many years I would say that I never go to network at breakfast meetings. I am so totally a night owl. I love the quiet of evening at midnight when life is still, my husband is sleeping and the dogs are snoring and waiting for me to join the pack and give them a good night Milk Bone.

Earlier this year, I decided that I was missing something being an active member of the Woodland Hills Tarzana Chamber of Commerce and as of January I decided to ditch that word NEVER. Seize the Day is more like it. So much energy that I didn't know I had and some real connections to make at that hour. I even ventured out beyond that.

This coming week I when I am at Wedding and Portrait Photographer's International Conference and Trade show, I will be in class by 8 am on several days. I will be eager to learn and keep an open mind. You just know something good will happen. Because I will never say never - ever again!

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