May 05, 2010

Sprucing it Up a Bit

This is the area just behind my desk. I am visual (duh!) and love to spread out to see things which means papers, photos and any other paraphernalia like to go on the credenza behind me or depending on the work I do, it gets spread out in the shooting room too.  I was much more orderly when all I did was accounting. But that is another topic.

A while ago, my neighbor in The French Quarter, John Saffell of Nicola's Kitchen had a little marketing push from me and before you know it he got hooked into having a mixer for the Woodland Hills-Tarzana Chamber in the courtyard right in front of my studio.  So collectively we decided a bit of sprucing up the place was in order.  We replaced a few trees in front of our offices and I put in an installation of my photography in his window. I'll blog about the window next time-and the family portrait of them, currently in MY window that once was their holiday card a few months ago - now framed BIG.

One of the things I did a while ago was order some "Expressions" from my friend, Torreh Pearl.  Torreh and I were both members of the National Association of Women Business Owners and she was on the Board of Directors when I was President.  Anyway, Torreh's business is
I bought a few of them, but this one conveys my message to all who enter. And I put a custom "expression" on my windows too that gives me some more sign visibility.

Anyway, I just love how the words "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" looks behind my chair. It's not a very subtle message.  Thank you Torreh for telling me about Uppercase Living and coming to hang these with me. Not only have you helped spruce up the place, I am really glad to have you in my circle of friends ad sprucing up my life a bit.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Kathy. Can't wait for our shoot!