June 27, 2010

In keeping with The F Words: All things Feminine - sort of

The latest news from Flash Frozen Photography is all things with F words: FUN! Feminine, Family, Father's Day (gone for this year), Feline and Fido, Formal, Flirty and Functional. What is next is the FOURTH of July and Fireworks! More FFFF Fun

First for the Fun! We've been doing Corporate Headshot Days and lots of our friends have been coming to have fun. We're meeting other people in the community and networking while we're in the studio. Lots of business and getting familiar (F-Word!) with each other. Very Functional for your Website and Facebook and Linkedin too. While we are doing that Karen Snyder of Cosmetically Organized and Laura Jimenez of Millennium have been helping every one look FABULOUS!  We're going to have another headshot day so call the studio, get on the list and get yourself Flash Frozen for Business!  We're even working on a fun Flash Frozen Day for Finding your Forever Friends and Future Family (Dating Headshots).  If you are looking for a reFFeral I bet I know some one that can help you because of all that business that got done in my studio. I really love making connections.  That is my FRIEND and all around give back to the world person Linda Mallut of http://www.mybunnyandme.com/ She is busy hopping around with her bunnies donating FUNDS to see that people get well and FIGHT the cause of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The next F Word is FRAME! That is part of the F family FINISH~!  We want you to leave the studio and have FINISHED Portraits and that means ready to hang in just the right spot in your Family Home or at the office too. So if you mention the blog with your session and print order, we will give you 25% off our in stock frames.  I ordered a selection of custom frames in Silver, Black, White and Walnut that are perfect for the collection of family portraits to go up the stairs, down the hall and on the wall in the Family room.

Tomorrow I am really excited that I will again be Photographing  the Twinkle Toes Dance recital at Main Street Dance being held at the Madrid Theater on Sherman Way. I love those little dancers. They do it with their full heart for their families. I hope they will have the chance to remember the FUN and treasure the memories FOREVER.

The other F word that I have to share today is FOUNDATIONS! Yes, that is what they used to call the Bra and Panty Department in the very old days. I am working with Barbara Cohen who is styling women for Dress for Success to help them get work! Dress for Success helps women Feel good and get employment by helping them dress the part. So I am asking my Friends to go to their Favorite store (Fredericks of Hollywood could work!) but really maybe not quite that Feminine and pick up a Bra and some ladies unmentionables (Panties) and donate them to the cause. The Girls will really thank you. Your favorite Big Box Stores, or Target or TJ Maxx, Kohls or Ross all come to mind to me for a good source.  Call me if you have any questions.  Diane Fonteboa of Two Tomatoes in Sherman Oaks has signed on to be a drop off spot too!  Thanks, Diane for stepping up to help.

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