July 11, 2010

Beautiful. Feminine. More

I just had Lisa Keating in my studio. Lisa's website is EncinoMom.Com and she is an extraordinary woman. It was great having her in my studio because it really gave me a chance to get to know her. She is so multi-talented but what impressed me most is her inner beauty. She recently started a new venture with her husband, Warren and in between our session and when I started processing she entered a contest to be affiliated with Oprah.  Her show is called "Why are You Here!?!" and just watching the taping made me think about why I am here.

Lisa is friends with Dolly Thicke of Dolly Couture and she wanted to be photographed in Dolly's dresses and we made it happen at Flash Frozen Photography.  The session was fun and playful but we also found some great synergy business wise.

I hope you will come back to my website and visit Lisa's choices in a few weeks (We had almost 80 photos from her session to choose from!) but also that you will visit http://www.encinomom.com/ - pretty soon Lisa will not only have my photos on her site, but, her production company is going to work with me to make a video about why I am here....


  1. WOW! Love that image - great photography!

  2. Very nice portrait, Kathy. It really portrays a sense of her personality. Also, the light, the composition, pose, the clothes, the composition, etc, all come together just right.

    Well done.