August 15, 2010


It's amazing when you find people in your life who have similar ideals and you connect with them. Friendships are like waves at the beach. They have a cycle.  In my world I have looked for opportunities to connect others for many purposes. I love searching to create synergy. Facebook and Linkedin are great for helping people find one another to have that connection

I had a client who came into the studio for dating headshots and she dressed for business.  I took her over to Boku Mangos and she got the perfect casual first date outfit.  Sharon Schlesinger of Boku had a Date Night where she opens the doors to people to create some connections too. I ended up booking her daughter Pam's family session from that - which will be in about a week. I am so excited. Sharon and I have partnered with other merchants in The French Quarter to get some connections going. Together, we held a Date Night and invited all our connections, The Woodland Hills Tarzana Chamber and the tenants of our building.  Thanks to Nicola's Kitchen, they sent over all the food we could use. We ended up continuing our visiting at Push Lounge.  We are going to work on creating a calendar and we are going to raise some money for charity with my photography and her connections. Lots of good ideas, connections and even business. 

So what is the point of my message today? Connecting with other people is critical to working with a photographer.  Being personable and making people comfortable is critical to making a good photograph of a person. Pets, Children and Adults all feel when you connect.  Part of networking is connecting with people in your environment ahead of time to have a comfort level with creating good images. if we come  together for a cause, it helps create the ingredients to a good photograph. For businesses, in general making connections and friends is all about good  business - for every one who participates.  Oh, and because of our efforts we got three new members of the Woodland HIlls-Tarzana Chamber too!

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