August 19, 2010

In Search of...Love and Light and Life

Ha! You probably thing that's a cliche that I am look for Love and Light.

No - it's not.  Photography is all about light. Can't take photographs in the dark because the camera won't focus. That doesn't mean it's a bad photo either.

I am looking for good light and lots of love. I am looking for Soul - that is the real subject of my images. Peoples love, emotions, and their souls. Happy, sometimes contemplative on the edge of thought.

I am looking to capture - as I did on Saturday - a baby's first steps.
The First Kiss
The Festive Moments at a party
The transitions ..B'nai Mitzvot, Weddings, High School Seniors, Singles looking for dates
The running barefoot in the grass or the sand
Celebration of pregnancy, or newborns or milestones - like birthdays - First, 13th, 16th or 99th.
The weight that isn't there anymore. The sparkle in his eyes when he sees you.

I want to celebrate my subjects from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

The Ordinary is OK  - it's the days you remember..a look, a touch, a place you favor. Or THAT couch, That dress.  If you can see it you will be able to close your eyes and smell it..the scent of your newborn, her perfume, the scent of the pot on the stove cooking your favorite meal.

I am looking for those moments of life.  Don't you want to have them Flash Frozen.Photographed?

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