September 11, 2010

Inspiration and more

As a photographer, I think it's important to keep up to date with style. I was at the local chain bookstore today, which is HUGE, and was looking at the variety of magazines which is a good place to stay on top of style in so many forms. There is nothing worse than having a photographer style a set of portraits where everyone is wearing the same outfit - 10 times.

Some of the glamour rags, give you ideas for Fashion and Form and Function so you can see what is expensive, outlandish in many cases and pure fantasy for most. But really Fun to Fotograph. (I am in an F Mood if you can't tell - Fashion, Fun and Frivolous). Some keep me up with the latest in what is happening trendwise for the younger people I want to photograph. It helps me talk to them about their world. That makes it comfortable for them to talk to me and to get good images about them too.

Some of the photography magazines will show you a style of a variety of photographs of whatever you can think of pointing a lens at but mostly it's a huge ad for the camera and suppliers to the photographic market. Some education and trend of what is happening in the photograpy world. Frivolity to buy more stuff because it's the latest. Especially when it doesn't improve and image you're making.

Bridal magazines tell you what the trends are for fashion and all the wedding details of how to make your unique wedding and furnish your new lifestyle.  There are my stylistic choices to make when planning a wedding. Some is new and some is old.

There are so many genres of magazines. They all influence us from Tattoo Magazines, to Parenting, Cooking, Sports, Cars and Crafts. By influencing how we live, act and play, we become who we are to some degree.  But for me, it's many of the photographs that inspire me. The fashion shoot gives me new ideas as to wardrobe, make up and even posing my next client. How to light them or set the stage (outside or in studio). Men's magazines show me what the author thinks is sexy.

So much to look at and so much to see the photos in the magazines to see the latest trends. I want to capture them so there is a really story to tell - behind each character. There is a style behind each photograph we take.  Defining the style can be hard. You need to plan it with your photographer so they can make the best pictures of you.

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