December 06, 2010


Well, I can't believe I haven't posted for a while. I was packed and ready to go on a cruise from Sydney Australia to Auckland New Zealand when the cruise line sent out an email telling us they overbooked and made an offer to us (and others) to go somewhere else another time so we got a refund and a nice credit to go again some other time anywhere.

I was disappointed to not go but it made a hole in the calendar, we were packed and our desks clear and camera lenses clean! We heading up the 101 to Carmel, Monterey then to Mendocino via San Francisco and then to Napa Valley. In Fall. We had incredible weather in Monterey. And beautiful light. We had rain and partially cloudy weather (even hail! and ice!) in Mendocino and more of that with rainbows in Napa Valley.

You can explore the trip on my website. Lots of color images and I will be publishing a book from that trip.
There are so many images that I just love. California is beautiful. We are so lucky to live within hours of such magnificent beauty - the coast, the mountains, the water. Redwood Trees and cliffs over the ocean.

But driving down the street and looking out at my backyard today, I couldn't help but notice the blazing red leaves on our Crepe Myrtle Trees. It's December and we are getting Fall Color. Just like the trees in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont get in September.

We photographers love light and color. Sometimes we like life in Black and White and Sepia. But for me, I will take the colors of the season. Life is joyful and Color. I hope you enjoy the colors of the holidays. Happy Chaunakah. Enjoy the season of color and gratitude too.

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