December 09, 2010

To your health

I have to admit that I have taken good health for granted. I do go regularly to the dentist and the eye doctor and the internist. For the most part, I eat well and I exercise some. I could do a better job of all of it. My big goal is to whip myself into better shape, lose a few pounds and eat more vegetables. That's my new year resolution - if I have one.

One thing though that is equally important is to cherish my clients and make a place for them in my business world that creates a loving and safe environment. I use green cleaning products, keep the place clean. I wash all the things that newborns touch between each use. I try to keep nuts out of the studio and of course it's smoke free. If I have a cold, I promise that I will either cancel or check in with you, my client to see what is acceptable to you.

A very disturbing conversation I've had with other photographers about communicable diseases. Mostly Whooping Cough (Pertussis) after I spoke to my doctor. I know a few people that don't want to be vaccinated. My doctor knows I photograph children and he let me know that I am due for a DPT shot. He then told me about the statistics of how many are affected and let me know it's avoidable. New babies are not eligible for vaccination so they are at high risk. I do know a few adults who contracted it recently as well and they didn't know for a long time. 10 plus babies have died in California. That's way too many. Do the research and look up the facts. My brother had whooping cough when he was about 4 or 5 and I will never forget that hacking/whooping sound and my mother holding him in the bathroom with the shower running on all hot to make a steam room so he would be able to breathe.

So here's to your health. Here's to your children's and babie's health. I hope you will have the vaccine if you need it to keep the children safe.

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