January 07, 2011


Today 9 day old Gabriel came to the studio for his first portrait session. I had some ideas of what I wanted to accomplish today with him. My plan was a bare naked baby butt all posed. Babies however can have their own ideas of what is more fun to do than be stripped naked and have bright light shined on you. I was hoping for a very sleepy baby, but we had wet baby, dirty baby, cranky baby, hungry boy and mostly wide awake baby. The thing is, they rule. Just like parents don't get to sleep, photographers don't always get their way either. But unlike a new parent, hopefully we have the skills to create a beautiful image no matter what the baby decides. I was so excited by the session today, I had to share with you how it goes sometimes. I will have the photos posted in a few days...I can't wait to process them.

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