January 27, 2011

Business of Business - For Photographers - WPPI Group Mentoring and Coaching Session

Well, I was asked. Many people in the Photography and Small Business community on the West Coast know me as the go to person for QuickBooks coaching and training. I've set up 100's of company books of all kinds and trained many business owners on how to run a business from the Financial and Tax viewpoint and yet as an artist and photographer myself, I completely understand the struggle many artists face and they fight with the business side of business.

Unofficially and now officially, I am the expert on Business and QuickBooks for the Digital Wedding Forum, I have taught Super Monday for PPA on QuickBooks for Photographers and I talked to the Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County (PPLAC) and SmugMug Pro User Groups on how to be a Business Person and a Photographer!

For those of you going to WPPI in Las Vegas, I will be there and since I was asked to do this, I will be offering a limited number of spaces to do a a group mentoring and coaching session all about the Business of Photography. The F in FStop will be stop putting aside the business of your finances. We will talk about bookkeeping, taxes, profit, pricing, contracts, employees, and managing it all so you have time left for you.

The fee is $125 and space is limited. Please email me at kathy@kathyrappaport.com or call me at the studio at 818-888-2280 if you want to have me save you a spot. You must RSVP and prepay for the session by 2/17 at 5pm PST. I don't promise it will be fun - but you will have a great experience and walk away with real information without fluff. There will be lots of food for thought. I am not doing back of the room selling. I don't have anything to sell but 40 years of financial, banking and photography experience as an educator and entrepreneur. I can talk for days but two hours is about as much as most photographers are comfortable with. Besides, I am sure there is a party about to happen in Las Vegas, and I don't want to take you away from the real reason you go to WPPI.

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