January 21, 2011

The unknown

One of the fun things for me about being self employed is the variety of things we do on a regular basis. We get to do them our way. We have some basic life rules and maybe we have methodology to achieving an end result. Just like following a recipe: We can change things up and see what happens.

I love that there is change.I can design a session, work with people and experiment to get a changed result. Maybe it's shifting lights in the studio or coming up with a new concept for a boudoir session. Sometimes it's just doing things a new way.

Yesterday, I spoke to the Canoga Park - West Hills Chamber of Commerce's breakfast. I am the chairman of the upcoming Photography Contest for the Day in the Life of Canoga Park. The former town called Owensmouth is going to be 100 years old next year. Last week I went to a Woodland Hills Tarzana Chamber breakfast. There were two of them and a board of directors meeting too. The night owl that I am said I'd never go to breakfast. That was a mantra of mine. When I changed that behavior, my business changed too.

So what changes will you make in your set way of doing things that would make a difference in your world? I can tell you that doing that one thing of getting up and out daily early has been a great sense of joy. Take a risk and try something new and different. Be happy about it.

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