March 03, 2011


Today is the day for Art and Wine at the Ensele Gallery. My images are hung - I am overjoyed at seeing them framed and matted. I can't wait to share them with my friends - old and new!

Everytime I create a print, I am reminded just how much goes into making that print. Seeing them online is always exciting, seeing them printed takes it up a notch or two. But seeing them really finished - matted and framed...well, if you cook, you can relate because you can taste something as it's in the pot and know it's going to be great, but, when you serve it on your best china at a beautifully adorned table with candles and a linen napkin at your best restaurant, it's a whole different meal. Art is like fine dining.

Eating a hamburger out of a cardboard box is delicious but eating a steak at Ruths Chris, Mastros, Arnie Morton's or Grill on the Alley is a whole other experience.

Please come and dine with me. Actually Feast with me. Your senses of Photography and Fine Art will be overjoyed.

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